Groyper War: Ben Shapiro Refuses to Debate Nick Fuentes Because He Made a Joke About Him While Playing GTA 5

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 15, 2019

Ben Shapiro had an event Tuesday night. And the Groypers were there.

He also brought in his own Jew tribal plants. Who looked totally disgusting, by the way.

The one who didn’t look disgusting was the mic girl.

Imagine what the world would be like if they made white women that hot.

The first Groyper had a question about… wait for it…


We’ve seen him before, what with his spaghetti shirt and so on and so forth.

Groyper: Hi. So, in 2016 you tweeted out a list of 20 people that you called Alt-Right or Alt-Right-friendly. It included Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, Ann Coulter, and even Donald Trump. Recently you gave a speech at Stanford about Nick Fuentes, who you called an Alt-Right lead influencer. My question is this. It seems like conservatives like you, like Charlie Kirk, like Dan Crenshaw feel threatened by America First conservatives and America First ideas. Is this why you are smearing them as Alt-Right racists, homophobic, and all these other things instead of actually addressing their ideas and addressing them?

Shapiro: So, first of all, I’m happy to address any ideas, I’m not happy to debate somebody who has joked about murdering me. That’s Fuentes. As far as some of the other people who are mentioned, obviously when I say Alt-Right or Alt-Right-adjacent you have to date the tweet. So back in 2016 the fact of the matter is that people like Ron Paul, who has a long history of extremism, if you go back and read the Ron Paul letters, there’s a fair bit of anti-Semitism and racism in them. If you look at Donald Trump, who I said, overtly he flirted with the Alt-Right because he did in April and May of 2016. That was a dated tweet, if you are going to date the tweet to 2016 you actually have to date the tweet to 2016 [sic], not to yesterday because things change. Donald Trump, thank God, has forcibly expelled many of the people who are Alt-Right-adjacent like Steve Bannon from his administration, which is a very, very good thing. As far as the idea that I’m somehow refusing to debate lower levels of immigration that is obviously untrue, you can go and watch an hour-long interview that I did with the aforementioned Ann Coulter back before 2016 about a book she did on immigration, it’s all about lowering the levels of immigration. If we’re talking about tariffs I’m happy to have that conversation. I had it with Tucker Carlson. If you’re talking about a more isolationist foreign policy, I’ve had that conversation with many, many people. In my speech at Stanford, which people are willfully ignoring, I’m not arguing that people who hold those views are “Alt-Right”. The Alt-Right is a very specific viewpoint that sees the problem in America as a problem of demographics, that suggests that white nationalism is the answer to that problem, that suggests that the problem with immigration is not a problem of culture or assimilation, the problem in America is a problem of what race the people are, the people that are coming into the country. That is not a point of view that is even within the realm of sort of the Paleocon viewpoint, that is a viewpoint that is actively Alt-Right. So the Alt-Right does have a definition, and I tried to be as specific about that definition as possible at Stanford University. You can ask a follow up if you want.

Groyper: First of all, Nick Fuentes is not a white nationalist, he is an America First conservative. He literally has a show every night called America First. You’ve called Pat Buchanan an anti-Semite and racist for fifteen years when Pat Buchanan is a legend of conservatism. You need to stop smearing people who want to reduce immigration and criticize Israel as anti-Semitic and racist and just accept that they disagree with you and they simply want to put America first.

Shapiro: Oh no, there are plenty of people who disagree with me and who are critical of Israel and are not anti-Semitic. There are plenty of people who disagree with me on all the aforementioned issues, I’ve mentioned some of their names, and that is perfectly fine. If you want to discuss Fuentes specifically, again, I suggest you go back and you look at his videos about why six million Jews or, what was it? One million Jews couldn’t have been burned in the ovens at Auschwitz or Treblinka. I suggest you go back and look at videos of him doing things like playing Grand Theft Auto, running over an orthodox Jew, cackling maniacally, and then talking about how he just killed Ben Shapiro. I refer you to a video last week in which Nick Fuentes pulls out a switchblade and starts randomly jabbing in the air while talking about me. No, I don’t think he’s a mainstream conservative, and I think that it is a sin for people to conflate mainstream conservatism with that kind of garbage.

I really can’t believe he said that thing about Grand Theft Auto.

I really laughed like a monkey when I heard that.

The second Groyper looked like a real Groyper in a “socialism” t-shirt.

He did well.

It was… another question about why he won’t debate Nick Fuentes.

Shapiro: Let me guess your political affiliation, hehehe.

Groyper: It might surprise you. So Ben, first I’d like to thank you for being here and having an open dialogue with everybody tonight. It’s greatly appreciated, free speech is under attack in this country. So recently, when you spoke at Stanford University you smeared America First patriots like myself with all the same leftist insults Antifa uses. The same ones they’re using outside to smear us walking in here today. So my question for you, Ben, is will you debate a true conservative like Nicholas J. Fuentes [some people in the crowd laugh] or are you too scared to defend your anti-America First positions?

Shapiro: So number one, if you didn’t notice I answered this question like four questions ago. Number two, I will repeat the answer again. I see no purpose in debating somebody who has joked about my death. That is not something I make a habit of. If you want me to debate somebody about immigration policy who is a limited immigration person or have a discussion with that person I’m happy to do so. By the way, I see a very strong argument in favor of limiting both legal and certainly illegal immigration to the United States, okay? If you want me to talk about tariff policy and have a discussion with somebody about that, I’m happy to do that. If you want me to have a discussion about Israel or Israeli policy, I’m happy to do that. What I am NOT happy to do is have a debate with somebody who has joked about my death, called people who work with me shabbos goy race traitors and praise the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. That I am NOT going to do. And by the way, I’m not gonna keep anybody from asking questions, but if you keep asking the same question you’re gonna keep getting the same answer, so…

He didn’t let him finish.

With some of these random events, that aren’t the main Charlie Kirk events, the questions don’t even really matter. At least not at this point. The important thing is really just that we are there and make it known that we are there.

Good questions are better than bad questions, of course. But ultimately, at the secondary events, volume is a big part of it. We simply want to send a message to these people – and more importantly, to their donors and the entire Washington establishment – that wherever they are, we’re going to be there too.