Groyper War: Gay Jew Dave Rubin and Zionist Jew Group Call to Shut Down American Patriotism!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 1, 2019

Wherever you go, there’s the Jews!

So much for the tolerant right, am I right?

So much for the progressive right. So much for that.

So much for the tolerant gay, Jewish libertarian movement.

Dave Rubin is joining many other ostensibly right-wing voices in calling for American patriotism to be shut down, and saying it is the duty of the conservatives to do it.

What does the mainstream media dying have to do with crushing a goyim uprising, Dave?

Feels a bit like a non sequitur.

KING Nick Fuentes is there with the obvious response.

That really was the easiest thing in the world.

Rubin’s entire brand is “why can’t we just talk to each other and get along?”

But as soon as someone says “yeah, let’s talk about all those billions of dollars we’re sending to Israel,” Dave’s response is the same as any other Jew’s response: “Time to shut these goyim down once and for all.”

So much for the tolerant gay Jew, amirite?

So much for these slippery Jewish liars trying to shut down the filthy goyim as soon as they start asking questions.

The Zionist Organization of America – which is also allegedly a right-wing kike group – is also calling for a shut down.

These kikes published an article about his Cookie Monster joke.

What is going on, kikes?

This Cookie Monster joke was a long time ago.

Weird time to be bringing this up.

Almost as though this has nothing at all to do with the Cookie Monster, and everything to do with the brutal assault on Charlie Kirk and the rest of the conservative establishment.

It’s like this hilarious joke about the Cookie Monster is being used as an excuse to call for censorship by a bunch of smarmy Jews and grifters who are worried about these shekels.

And Yet, He Rises

We reported earlier about lines being drawn in the Groyper War.

Well over the course of today, more have lined up behind our fearless leader, King Nick.

Breitbart’s gay Paki, Allum Bokhari. Who, let’s be fair, has always been pretty good, and who I am not at all surprised to see supporting Nick.

Michelle Malkin is now standing up directly to ZOA, which is pretty hardcore.

She’s of course a BASED Flip, but as you might be able to tell by her name, she’s married to our greatest ally, so I’m a bit shocked. Although uhhhh… people who marry Filipinas usually marry Filipinas who are 30 years younger than them. So her husband is quite possibly senile now, and not paying attention to her internet behavior.

She is 49 – and you sure wouldn’t know it from her Halloween video!

Looking fantastic, Michelle! Salamat! Thank you for the support!

The atheist right is the problem.

No atheist ever died for anything, I can tell you that.

And hopefully God is speaking to Michelle instead of her Jew husband. She’s a mainstay in the conservative movement and would be a very good ally for the America First agenda.

Some people are also now getting on board just because they’re mad that Sebastian Gorka is calling for censorship. Cassandra Fairbanks has disappointed us in the past, but whatever – everyone is welcome to show their support.

And there will be more and more support coming our way as it becomes easier.

But we should give credit to those who are early supporters.

They deserve credit.

And the Jews and shabbos shills who are standing with TPUSA deserve hatred and scorn.

By the way, Nick says there’s a sex scandal brewing.