Guys, I Wrote 12 Articles Yesterday. Send Bitcoin.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 10, 2018

Okay, so I run a news site.

As you know.

Millions of people read it each month, despite the fact that it is the most censored publication in all of human history.

We are having a very difficult time keeping things running here.

We are understaffed.

Yesterday, I wrote 12 full articles, at least half of which were good.

This happens several days a week, due to the lack of staff. These days where I just have an insane output. I am awed with myself some days. But at some point, the quality does go down, just because of the amount of pressure. The burnout.

We do not have advertisement, like a normal site. We do not have a subscription service, like the majority of mainstream news sites.

And the only way we can receive funding is through crypto currency.

If you read this site every day, and you are not completely and totally broke, you should be giving us money.

Furthermore, if you are devoted to the causes we fight for at this site, you should be giving money to that cause. No one in a long time has been as efficient at spreading these ideas as we have.

We continue to be very efficient at that. But we would be more efficient if we had more money. I would be more effective as a writer if I wasn’t forced to write as much as I do.

Right now, the site is running at a significant loss. Which is not only frustrating, but seriously depressing. It speaks to a lack of any real commitment by the people who agree with what we are promoting here.

We are almost certainly never going to have credit card processing again. It is unlikely we will ever have a mailing address again.

I understand crypto currency is hard to learn to use… but actually it isn’t really.

There are ATMs.

You can buy it online.

Or you can go to localbitcoins and buy Bitcoin anonymously with cash in any major metro area.

If you can, figure something out.

I don’t talk about this often, but we are definitely struggling here. And with the amount of pressure being put on us, things are not getting any cheaper to run.

Writers get paid $14.88 per article. Except me. I end up paying myself… significantly less. But the operating costs are becoming extreme.

I had all sorts of expansion plans back before that dark day in August. And now, almost a year later, we are just holding the fort.

To be clear, I’m not going to shut the site down. I will keep writing until they kill me. But we might have to scale back. I might have to get other work to pay site expenses.

That is where we are at.

If you’re rich or well off, you might also want to consider making a large contribution. I know that Amren and VDARE get very large contributions, taking in hundreds of thousands a year. And I have nothing at all negative to say about either of those sites, but it’s simply a hard fact of reality that their combined reach (not to mention cultural impact, which is a much more important measure in my opinion) is a fraction of ours.

If this site is a daily read for you at the very least, you should be sending $230, which is what a newspaper subscription costs.


If you want to, you can and have a will to.

Here’s the donations page, with information on how to do so.

It’s been updated with some new information recently, which might make it easier.

Do what you can.


Andrew Anglin