Haaretz Says Trump Preparing to Put Jews in Camps

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 24, 2018

A Jew from the Israeli newspaper Haaretz says Trump is planning to round-up Jews and put them in concentration camps.

But he’ll do it by saying he’s just interning “Democrats.”

I sure hope this rumor is true.

Because it’s about damn time.


When the order gets given, when Trump begins to put the Jews in camps, it won’t even seem like what it is.

By far too many other things will be going on at the same time, for people to even notice that it’s actually begun.

A little like right now.

After all, if you can get people to gradually forget about the thousands of children whom you’ve stripped of their parents, caged, and now packed off to a camp in a desert area outside El Paso, you can get away with anything.

Here you have a Jew admitting that their alleged concern about other races is based on the fear that after whites are finished with their brown pets, they will come for the Jew master.


In fact, if you listen carefully to his campaign rally speeches in places like Montana and Nevada in recent weeks, you come to realize that this is Trump’s bottom line to his voters: Stick with me. You can get away with anything.

If as president of the United States, that is, you can lie, slander, rig elections, suppress minority voting in key states by the tens and hundreds of thousands, stooge for the Saudis, stooge for the Russians, advocate for violence against opponents and the press, lie about numbers, lie about jobs, lie about Saudi arms purchases, laud and excuse and deny sexual assault, and still watch your approval numbers actually rise, you truly can get away with anything.

In a rally in Montana earlier this month, Trump drew prolonged cheers and nationwide headlines by praising a Republican congressman who, in response to a journalist’s question about health care during the candidate’s 2017 campaign, body-slammed the reporter to the ground.

The candidate, Greg Gianforte, who went on both to win the election and to subsequently plead guilty to assault, became an overnight hero to pro-Trump neo-Nazis and alt-right anti-Semites for having attacked Jewish journalist Ben Jacobs.

This is true.

“Montana Republican Stands Up To The Jewish Media,” wrote The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website.

Comments on the site, on the alt-Right 4Chan, and on the strongly Trump-promoting Breitbart included: “Body slamming kike media members should become standard for Republican candidates,” “One day our patience will come to an end and then we will grab these insolent Jews by their throats and stuff their lying mouths shut!” and, “the left wing marxist Jew reporters had best watch their arse.”

If Trump can heap unreserved praise on Gianforte (“Greg is smart,” he told the Missoula, Montana rally. “Any guy that can do a body slam, he’s my kind of – He was my guy”) – and proceed to personally pantomime the coup de grace wrestling move, to the gleeful approbation of a nationwide audience – yes, you know he can do anything.

I sure hope so.

We all hope so.

How will you know, though, if at some point Trump, perhaps having done moderately well in the November 6 midterms and then winning a second term, will at some point come after the Jews?

He’s already strewn some hints.

Consider Trump’s satisfaction when campaign rally crowds chant “Lock Her Up!” at Trump’s mention of the name of California Senator Dianne Feinstein, a primary trigger for many Trump loyalists – not only Jewish, not only a Democrat, not only a powerful woman, but a native San Franciscan.

Or consider the ever-growing Republican fixation with the proxy-target of Jew-haters on multiple continents, philanthropist and Holocaust survivor George Soros. Or, as Trump’s attorney Rudolph Giuliani has branded the Hungarian-American Jewish billionaire: The Anti-Christ.

Here this Jew admits that individual Jews represent all Jews and criticism of individual Jews is an attack on all Jews.

Also interesting.

This article is basically “agreeing with Nazis for all the wrong reasons: the Jewish op-ed.”

The op-ed’s basic premise of “Democrat is a codeword for Jewish” is itself a mindblowing admission.

Or take the president’s comments at a rally late last month in Nevada, where onetime Republican Trump critic-turned-Trump celebrant Dean Heller is running for U.S. Senate against a Democratic congresswoman Trump has repeatedly dismissed (in one of his more bizarre and inappropriate nicknames) as “Wacky Jacky” Rosen.

The acknowledged concertmaster of the dog-whistle, Trump did not have to mention that Rosen was once president of the Las Vegas area’s largest synagogue, in order to establish that the congresswoman was not one of People Like Us.

“Look at Schumer and these people,” Trump told the crowd.

“Honestly, they’re lousy politicians. Their policy is terrible. But they’re good at sticking together and resisting,” he declares, to the crowd’s appreciative booing. “That’s all they can do.”

The word Jewish never appears in Trump’s speech. There’s no need. The stereotypes are all present and accounted for.

Yeah, but –

Is he saying something inaccurate?

Just substitute “Democrat” for “Yid,” and it all falls into place.

– The forces opposing us in Washington are the same people who squandered trillions of dollars overseas, who sacrificed our sovereignty, who shipped away our jobs, who oversaw the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of the world. That’s what happened to our country … In 2016, the American people voted to reject this corrupt globalism. Hey, I’m the president of the United States! I’m not the president of the globe. [Audience chants USA]

– “Rosen doesn’t represent Nevada’s values. She represents the extreme liberal values of her out-of-state donors, funding almost 90 percent of her campaign.”

– “I’m angry at Democrats because of what they do to our country. Today’s Democrat Party is held hostage by left-wing haters, angry mobs, socialist fanatics, deep-state bureaucrats, and their fake news allies. Without them, they wouldn’t be getting 5 percent of the vote. I’ll tell you. It’s true.”

Yeah, it really does work to substitute “yid.”

If I were Jewish, I really don’t think I would be admitting all of this in public.

I think they forget that this is the internet and not a newspaper stand in some ghetto. Jews publishing things that used to be only for Jew consumption in English on the internet might be the funniest of all examples of “boomers don’t understand modern technology.”

When it starts to happen, when he starts to round up the Jews, ostensibly either because they happen to be journalists, or Democrats, or transgender, Trump will already know exactly what he can get away with. And he’ll make sure it won’t look like what it actually is.

For one thing, he won’t use trains.

We won’t put all the Jews in camps. Only the Democrats.

Well, this all sounds wonderful. (Except the no trains thing – I would really love to see kikes getting stuffed into cattle cars. Or Amtrak cars.)

I hope you’re right, Jew.

I hope this is the first time you told me something that wasn’t a filthy lie.

But he doesn’t seem to be lying. He is admitting that every one of Trump’s enemies are Jews – while tacitly acknowledging that everything he says about them is true. Jews only admit things like that when they get irate.