Haji Immigrant Brings Online Haji Wife to Australia, Gets Domestic Abuse Hoaxed

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 10, 2018

So this haji is in Australia, and he wants a wife. So of course he’s not going to marry a Moslem that already lives there, because that doesn’t further immigration jihad. He’s got the papers, so he can bring papers to some other bitch as part of the Islamic conquest of Australia.

There’s only one problem: this bitch has got it out for him, and she knows how to work the system.

ABC News:

A heartbroken Sydneysider has called for his wife to be kicked out of Australia after her cruel attempt to frame him landed him thousands of dollars in debt.

Eight months into their happy marriage, Faisal began to doubt the motivations of his Moroccan wife Asmae and started to realise she mightn’t be there for love.

Faisal, who had met his wife on a Muslim dating site, turned to a lawyer and emailed a visa migration professional.

The email was discovered by his wife Asmae and fearing the divorce could get her kicked out of Australia, she concocted a cruel plan.

Speaking to A Current Affair, Faisal said he arrived home one April night to find their apartment completely trashed.

Faisal said Asmae was waiting for him, telling her husband, “You think you are smart about me and you’re talking to lawyers. Now see what I do to you.”

Asmae then fled the apartment, running into their building’s lift and waiting for the doors to close before the CCTV caught her beating herself up.

The lift cameras caught Asmae repeatedly punching her own face before she flees the building and calls the police.

Hours later, Faisal was arrested by police and charged with assault.

More than $20,000 in lawyers fees later and after trawling through hundreds of hours of CCTV, Faisal finally had the evidence he needed to free himself of his wife.

“I didn’t think she would go to that extent and go to the police after everything I did for her and forget everything and just ruin my life,” he told A Current Affair.

Women are so fundamentally disgusting.

Just imagine this bitch picking up on the fact that Australia has domestic violence laws when her own country doesn’t even have the concept let alone laws for it, and then automatically using that against the man the first chance she gets.

And as always, the man is guilty until proved innocent.

Some bitch just says you punched her, then you’re in jail, hope you have $20,000 for lawyers, m8.

And how often do women get away with this shit? These whores are like one-man Schindler’s Lists.

I’ll bet this stupid haji was thinking when all this happened like, “wow, I should have just stayed at home.”

It’s too bad we can’t do the reverse thing that these hajis are doing and move to Moslem countries then meet white women online and bring them to a country where we can just brutally beat them. I’m talking going absolutely full-Rocky on these hoes.

All of you men out there who have had your lives destroyed by women: just imagine if the last argument you had with her, you just punched her straight in the mouth, blood all squirting everywhere, then locked her in a room and told her to think about what she’d done. And this was all perfectly legal.

My friend, I have a solution for you: immigrate to Saudi Arabia.

And understand that: These Moslems need to control their women just as much as we do ours, because when they get to Australia they go apeshit. There is no such thing as “traditional” women – there are just bloodsucking whores.

Any thinking person understands that if you make laws against hitting them, they’re going to go completely off the rails – including by faking violations of those laws against hitting!

Russia banned domestic violence laws, most Eastern European countries never had them in the first place… it’s really just a Western thing, created by Jewish feminism.

It is what it is though. You can’t tell women nothing, so if you’re banned from smashing them in the face when worse comes to worse, you are a powerless sonovabitch and she can just run right over you like a freight train.