Happening: Alex Jones Challenges David Duke to a Debate

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 18, 2015

Our time has finally come.

Alex Jones has challenged David Duke to a debate, pretending as if he instead of the Daily Stormer initiated this lolsfest in which no stone will be left ungassed.

Which is better?

Talking endlessly about taxes, the cops, chemtrails, FEMA camps, German Death Cult, Arabs run the media, space beams, fluoride in the water mind-control conspiracy, Rand Paul as the savior, saving the Ferguson protesters from evil cops –

– or saving the White race from extermination?

It will be decided once and for all when Alex “The Fat Man” Jones enters the Octagon with Dr. David “Look, I Just Think White People Have a Right to Exist” Duke.

Word is, they’re getting split booking – 500 million each – at it will air exclusively on an infowars livestream for $19.99. Event is sponsored by Alex Jones penis juice, as well as pills made from vegetables and discount gold coins.

The end is nigh.


  1. Amateur hour at Infowars. Anyone with half a brain could see this was hardly a debate. Being cut off each and every time by that blowhard shows how much of a chicken shit AJ is. And who the hell was that whiny, snivelling little termite with the black shirt? Was this AJ’s ace in the hole? Go back to communication college buddy, the only ‘cherry picking’ here was your useless zio stats that add absolutely nothing to the discussion. Like I said, amateur hour.

  2. The whole thing was about Alex Jones refusing to aknowledge his war on “elites”, “those groups”, “multrracial multiculturalists”, “Diverse Globalsts” is a simple whitch hunting against nobody because he is unable to determine who those guys are, he looks comfortible throwing his live to a crusade against no enemy at all. The hero who fights against no enemy, he put his soul on it, but no result can be achieved with enemie´s identification denial.

    The jew guy there is absolutly hilarious, what does he pretend passing the jew responsibility to who? He wants to say something, but doesn´t know what exactly to say. Maybe he pretended Dr. Duke could be uncomfortable enough with the idea of debating a jew to petrify him just for this reason, with no argue at all… Disconcerting….

  3. I’m glad Dr. Duke is getting paid I heard he was going to donate a lot of the money to White Civil Rights Groups.

  4. I don’t think a lot of you understand the technique Duke uses. The appeal he has is much greater to the uninformed masses but he believes as we do.

    …he’s the perfect bridge for stormeresque conversions

  5. Duke needs to debunk Fat Man’s theory of Bill Gates and co killing Africans with the cold hard facts. Raise the question of their massive birthrate surge and future projections, thanks to all these people trying to supposedly kill them off. Mention how, if they’re trying to kill us all off how comes it’s only Whites suffering so badly on the reproduction front, meanwhile they flood our countries with hordes of the unwashed.

  6. Alex Jones gets out of his league when he leaves exposing actual government programs aimed at the people, and he starts trying to talk about from who these government programs ideas originate.
    Most of these things originate from atheistic-Khazars also known as (Ashkenazi-Jews).
    Alex is good at identifying the programs, but bad at identifying the main target of the programs and the originators of the ideas.
    Dr. David Duke will win for sure.

  7. GermanNationalist

    Will Dr. Duke talk about the Holohoax?

  8. VincentVanZimmerman

    Geez. Will he shut up long enough to let Dr. Duke speak?

  9. Any debate/discussion like this should take place on neutral ground, not on Fat Boy’s terms using his studio and his “home court advantage”. Not that any of those things will strengthen Jew Wife’s arguments or rhetorical skills.

    First it was the Thrilla in Manilla, now it will be the Holocaustin’ in Austin.

  10. Insane Moolie Loving Jew

    Kike lover versus a kike realist. Wonder how this will turn out?

  11. Fat cunt will have the phone line rigged with pro jew and pro Nigger callers.

  12. David Duke vs Alex Jones bingo.
    Hitler took muh guns. [ ]

    I have the documents [ ]

    Eugenics. [ ]

    You were a “head dragon” of the KKK. [ ]

    *Lots of shouting and screaming* [ ]

    There’s good Jews and bad Jews. [ ]

    They have some influence in Hollywood but a lot of it is owned by Arab oil money [ ]

    I’m sponsored by lots of different people not just Jews. [ ]

    Nazi Deathcamps/FEMA [ ]

    I love all people [ ]

    They’re trying to kill all of us [ ]

    *Even more shouting and screaming* [ ]

    Nazi/Globalist Scum [ ]

  13. The United Sheeps of America

    I really don’t see the conflict between David Duke and Alex Jones. For all I know, Alex Jones stays away from the Jewish question because he realizes the majority of his listeners are not ready to take that step yet. Becoming “awake” to how the world works is a learning process. You don’t just go from A to Z overnight. It takes a few years. And there are steps along the way. Before you can reach Z, you need to pass through B through Y first.

    Alex Jones is a good starting point for a lot of people. Once they learn some of the basics from him (ruling elites, the throne behind the throne, propaganda, false flags, etc…), it’s easier for them to move on to more advanced levels of awareness (Zionism, Jewish manipulation of global events, etc…).

  14. Conor "Notorious" McGregor


  15. Instead of presenting it as a Death Match, maybe something good can come out it. If we don’t antagonize him. Isn’t that the point, to improve things?

    • Good point. After watching it I would say all in all AJ was mostly fair and Dr. Duke really got off all his points well. This was a major step in the right direction.

  16. This fat slob is on drugs,never did I think
    he’d debate with david duke,so when’s the show?.

  17. MULTICULTURALISM IS GENOCIDE activist pack – leaflets stickers wristbands stamp http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/161773758220?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

  18. Here’s a great speech given by David Duke in Moscow, 2007.

    From The Abyss


    “It is only fitting that we gather in the largest populated city of European Mankind on Earth. The masses of our beautiful people that we see on the streets of Moscow in some ways give us hope. In other ways, the endless passing by of bright eyes and fair complexions may blind our own eyes to the dark danger facing our people. Walking on the streets of Moscow one would think our race is not in crisis. But, indeed we are in the gravest danger of our long existence.

    European Mankind faces the abyss of biological oblivion. Every White nation on earth has catastrophically low White birthrates. Worldwide, people of European descent have a birthrate of only 1.2 children for every two potential parents. That means a greater than forty percent decline in population with each generation — and that doesn’t even consider the factor of racial intermarriage with non-Europeans, which also effectively reduces the birth rate of the European genotype.

    Genocidal birthrates, combined with massive non-European immigration into White nations, ensure that unless a revolution for our survival occurs soon in the White world, our people will be only outnumbered, scattered remnants in just a few short generations — vastly outnumbered even in our own nations and close to the edge of extinction.

    It must be emphasized that I am not referring here to the extinction of many of our cultural, social, governmental and religious forms, which will also certainly result from this scenario, but more importantly the literal extinction of our heritage from the earth.

    Some of the determining Factors of the declining birthrate are: …”

  19. Personally I don’t think AJ is a shill or anything. He is a businessman and knowing that there is a huge market out there that would fall for his crap he’s milking it. Some people just love to hear endlessly about the globalists, the elites, FEMA etc to keep their paranoia at a healthy peak, without getting into much detail, and AJ is providing them just that and makes a living out of it.

  20. Duke should prepare a sign and keep it in front of the camera for the whole duration of the interview. It should say “google Barbara Spectre”. There is nothing more damaging to jews right now than this…

  21. Dr Duke will never get a fair hearing off the fatman but will probably still get most of his points across as he usually does.

  22. Be careful, Dr. Duke, be very careful. Alex has done the research.

  23. Jones Vs. Duke . . . It’s Happening!

  24. Jones actually makes a couple of good points here.

  25. It is too late for Alex “Jew Wife” Jones to try and reclaim any small shred of respectability or relevance, he has had the chance for many (many!) years to point out the simple fact that the only conspiracy which ever really mattered was going on all around us in plain sight for decades on end:

  26. yeah, because cutting taxes is going to fucking matter than half the country is black/brown.

  27. Equestria SS Commander


    • These pictures drive away the main public from learning about our side of things.
      These present negative imagery of an alternative point of view then CNN’s.
      Perhaps in the future you would consider posting positive messages that tactfully help recruit people, rather then drive them off. As Adolf said in My Struggle
      “We must win the hearts and minds of the masses” -A.H.

      • Equestria SS Commander

        Why have you got to be so goddamn uptight about things? It is a JOKE and is meant to be FUNNY. I suggest you do a little research on this concept, as its meaning has clearly eluded you at present.

  28. David has to come out with lot’s of points jones agrees with. Perhaps even some health issues, gmos or vaccinations possibly. Then work from there.
    Dr. Duke was recently on Gavin Mcinnis show.

  29. If David Duke gets an hour, this could be fantastic. I don’t think he should rush into it though. He should have a plan. I think he should present the facts of right now. Our direction as a people. Our generosity. Our value to the world. We freed the slaves from the jew slave traders, but even Jefferson knew they shouldn’t be living with us. The neo-con list of Trotsky loving jews and their Project for a New American Century, 7 countries in 5 years, Dr. Duke’s almost clairvoyant prediction of terror in America and war in the Middle East, the policies of Greenspan, Summers, Rubin that have lead to an economy on phony life support. The jews immunity in the face of 140 UN resolutions including illegal bio, chemica,l and nuke weapons. Genocide. Terror and espionage on the USA. No Sanctions. The Russian Holocaust, the Ukrainian Holocaust, The Armenian Holocaust, The Palestinian Holocaust. The hundreds of millions that died as a result of jew founded communism. The 1965 Immigration Act and the jews behind it. The universities spewing hatred of white people the “cancer” and ‘destroying whiteness”. The Cultural Marxism. The white male faggot apologists as a model of behavior. The current jew neo-con take over of the Ukraine. The jews at the Bilderberg meeting. The jews defaming European culture, including morality and values, with their near 100% control of Hollywood, and 80+% of all news media and domination in the humanities. The jew banksters that rape and plunder countries all over the globe with usury and fraud. The dispossession of Europeans from our homelands. The police state that gets trained in Israel. The jew CEO of Monsanto. The black on white crime stats. The balls of Putin and Trump. What happened to our country? Jews, and their “JEWISH CENTURY” happened to our country.


    Building housing for the invaders


    • So they can rape the women and punch the German school boys in the face and laugh about it. How can this soldier possibly be respected, let alone feared by these savages.

  31. This bloated POS Jones is in full denial that he doesn’t support world Jewry.

  32. Europe: Arrivals BY SEA Approach 250,000

    Migrant Report, August 17, 2015


    The number of migrants and asylum seekers so far in 2015 is now approaching a quarter of a million, according to the latest analysis by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) analysis.

    Some 102,000 migrants crossed to Italy from Libya and 134,988 to Greece from Turkey up to August 14 this year. When added to the statistics from Spain and Malta, it puts the number of arrivals from the Mediterranean to 237,000, IOM reported.

    With more than 1,000 people being rescued every day this summer, the agency forecasts total migrant arrivals will surpass a quarter of a million by the end of this month. This compares with a 2014 total of 219,000.

    Data provided by the Italian Ministry of Interior show that in the first seven months of 2015 – from 1 January to 31 July – Italy registered the arrival of a total of 93,540 people. This is eight per cent more than during the same period of 2014, when the Italian authorities recorded 87,915 arrivals.

    Eritrea remains the leading country of origin, with 25,567 migrants arriving in Italy from Libya in 2015. Nigeria is a distant second with 11,899 arrivals. Other important sending countries are Somalia (7,538), Sudan (5,658), Syria (5,495), Gambia (4,837) and Bangladesh (3,692).

    “Flows are changing,” explains Federico Soda, Director of the IOM Coordinating Office for the Mediterranean in Rome. “Some nationalities are increasing compared to last year. This is the case with Somalis (from 3,190 to 7,538), Sudanese (from 1,301 to 5,658) and Nigerians (from 4,702 to 11,899.) Others, like the Syrians, are decreasing [by sea; increasing by land].”

    Some people are fleeing wars and persecution, others poverty, famine and land degradation.

    “This year we have noticed an increase in the number of women arriving from Nigeria – 2,360 in 2015 compared to 545 at the end of July 2014. This is worrying, as we know from interviewing many of these women that they are often potential victims of trafficking in need of protection. Some have confirmed to us that they were actually sent to Europe to work in the sex industry,” said Soda.

    “The expected number of arrivals may appear high,” said Swing. “But it is a number that could be easily absorbed by the European Union (EU), a huge area with over 500 million people.

    At the same time, he argued, Europe must promote an open, balanced and unbiased discourse on the issue of migration flows to Europe, since the public debate on this phenomenon is too often based on emotions, stereotypes, and myths – not on reality.

    • Both my emotions and my rational mind reacts when they try to wipe my people off the face of what should be our planet. But one good thing it has brought me, and hopefully a lot more Europeans, is that it has broadened what I consider my people. The petty rivalries between Aryan brothers has played straight into the enemies hands, and this will have to end if there is to be any humans left in the universe. And no, I no longer consider all humanoids human, there is Mensch and there is Untermensch. Übermensch is what our descendants might aspire to become, but only if we do our duty now. Duty might not be pleasant and it might be hard work. But why waste our time on easy? Even muds and shitskins can do easy, only humans can transcend into a higher being through cleansing in fire. But first we have to clean house, if all the traitors keep their positions of tribe-servitude there will be no chance later.

      1488, Hail Victory!

  33. Dr.Duke is going to destroy that piece of shit kike shill. I for one will love to watch this happen. hopefully he can make that fat cunt cry again.

  34. This debate should illustrate a clear difference between being a heavyweight and merely being fat.

  35. David Duke is a gay man posing as a straight man. The guy is always nicely dressed and expresses himself in mannerisms much like a homosexual man would.. Crackhead Alex will eat him alive..

  36. This is quite a suicide and even if it doesn’t come by DD, it’s definitely in that direction.
    DD attacks AJ on Jews but he also is indefensible on certain truths AJ speaks. This is divide and conquered folks. Focus on fake Jews PERIOD and if these two don’t, you know the game.

    • Indefensible on certain truths? Like what?

      • Like the fact that the New World Order Globalist controllers are going to kill us ALL! And that they’re using us, the white supremacists, to divide and conquer instead of focusing on the real threat – the Globalists!

        • Ok, there’s something to that. I’m not sure Duke would disagree though – just as he knows about fluoridation and genetically modified food. He just doesn’t focus on it as much as Jones does. Thus both are doing good work, though obviously I favor Duke when they disagree.

      • Like (Whom AJ won’t identify) the Jews plan to mass murder us using traitor troops. Practically everything Jones talks about (even if he does blow horn it or exaggerates it) are Jewish plots and actions. DD doesn’t recognize many of these things but he calls a spade a spade.

  37. He is just about done with his little patriot scam empire. In 2015 this Ron Paul/Free Market/libertardian/race utopian drivel makes no sense. I can’t see how anyone takes him serious anymore or finds him “edgy” at all. He is cleary a nut case talking about fantasy enemies while trying to sell you a hundred products; all of which you will die in a few days without, thanks to the “elite” poisoning you.

    • The guy is a total scammer.

    • Yes, jones has his finger in the air and he knows which way the wind is blowing. When will he start altering his words from elites to anti-whites? Could be soon.

      • I was just thinking this last night. AJ’s controllers see the Trump phenomenon and the explosive growth of sites like DS and they figure it’s time to tweak the message. Rand Paul and Libertarianism have completely collapsed. Rand is a total sellout to the Jews and the public hates him.

        Whites are still a majority in the US and we’re starting to get motivated to defend ourselves. A growing segment of our people know that the Jews are out to destroy our race. Word is spreading rapidly and cuckservatives are getting exposed. If Alex wants to maintain relevance he has to start tip toeing in our direction.

  38. I just hope really he lets him talk and doesn’t scream and whine around all the time.

    • Even if he does the screaming interruption thing, Duke still wins.

      This can mean nothing but the end of Alex Jones.

      • Jones always mentions his guests websites, newsletters, and such. When thousands of Jonesey’s listeners (white men, who are getting disgruntled with Jones leftoid tatics of late) here of Dr. Duke’s site, Stormfront, etc. it will start a freakin landslide.

  39. This guy is hilarious. I need his penis juice.

    • There is no point in Dr. Duke going on with this blowhard unless he makes some stipulations first. They both should get an uninterrupted allotted time to make a statement or reply. If he doesn’t do that it will just be Jones yelling for hour about the KKK’s affiliation with reptoids from pluto who are trying to eradicate all of “free humanity(!)” and how our only hope is the free market, Ron Paul, penis pills, and natural soap.

  40. Angelo John Gage

    I hope we can call in

    • Honestly dude, I would rather listen to you debate this fatfuck than David Duke. Only because like I mentioned before, Dr. Duke is way too polite to go toe to toe with this disrespectful cunt.

  41. It seems to me that everybody in left cult are slowly panicking in recent times. Do they perceive that they are losing control? Are we seriously starting to win…?

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