Happy Birthday, My Leader

Daily Stormer
April 20, 2017

One hundred and twenty-eight years ago, in the town of Braunau-au-Inn, in Austria-Hungary, a boy named Adolf Hitler was born.

He was an artist, a soldier, a politician, a philosopher and a statesman. Above all, he was The Leader.

And he has been a source of hope and inspiration for those of us who can see through the lies ever since.

Adolf Hitler was the greatest political leader of the Twentieth Century, and most likely of all time. He was a man of vision, and of action. He loved his people, and he came along at a time when they needed him them the most.

As a young boy I was, like most, brainwashed to believe Hitler was some kind of monster, hell-bent on destroying the Jews for no good reason at all, a gasser of the six million, and a power hungry invader bent on world conquest.

As we all now know, none of this was true.

Hitler was a mighty warrior, in the physical, spiritual and political realms. The fact that seventy years later our enemies still slander him ’round the clock, and come up with ever wilder unsubstantiated nonsense to write about him, should be all the proof anyone ever needs of the man’s greatness.

I remember one of the first times I heard something that began to break down the  conditioning.

My grandfather was a highly decorated WWII veteran. After he came home, he became a truck driver. When I was nine or ten I began riding in the truck with him in the summer. He rarely spoke of the war, as was the case with all the old guys who had seen a lot of real action. But since all we were doing was driving and talking all day, he would sometimes regale me with stories of his time on the battlefield. It was a rare treat.

But now and then, I would see a wistful look cross his face, and his brow would wrinkle as though he was having a memory that was too painful to bear. One more than one such occasion, he told me “We fought the wrong people.” He said this with such solemnity, that even at such a tender age, I knew better than to press him further. Enough had been said. There are just some things that are too painful for a man to say aloud, and damn anyone who tries to force them.

My grandfather was the toughest man I ever knew. I can’t possibly imagine what he went through there. And of all the things he and I ever discussed, this stood out above the rest. I still remember it as vividly as if it had happened yesterday, rather than over forty years ago.

It was the 1970’s, and he was already unhappy with the nation he’d killed for and risked his own life to protect. At least that’s what they told him. I’m glad he’s gone now, and doesn’t have to see what it’s become after a mere four decades.

These Jews have nearly destroyed us.

We now stand at the same moment in history as Adolf Hitler did when he began his political career. It is a different year, a different nation, and the trappings appear to have changed, but both the problems and the enemy are the same.

A Satanic power had taken over Germany, and it now rules the USA with an iron fist.

Hitler rolled into Berlin, and in a few short years, the tiny National Socialist German Worker’s party was the prime mover in German politics, and Hitler was Chancellor.

He cleaned the filth from Berlin. Under the control of the Jews, it had become a nightmare of degeneracy that would have made Caligula blush. The people were starving, the monetary system was in such a free fall that German workers would get their pay and sprint to the butcher or the baker to buy a loaf of bread or a scrap of meat before the value of the currency dropped so low they couldn’t even afford that.

Hitler did what had to be done. He removed all Jews from positions of influence or power, he put the German men to work, he rebuilt Germany, he armed the Fatherland, he saw to it that the nation was a place that was more amenable to family life and raising children than any other. He turned the economy from bust to boom during the Great Depression, while the liberal democracies of the West still wallowed in economic disaster. His economic program was such a success that the international press called it “The German Miracle.”

He was even Time Magazine’s Man of the Year.

And all these decades later, he is still the inspiration for Nationalists around the globe.

The Third Reich is a shining moment in time, akin to the myth of Camelot. Though it is no longer on the map, it lives on in our hearts, as does the man himself.

And we will usher in a new Reich. A Thousand Year Reich.

So on this most auspicious of days, we will all have fun and celebrate. But before we do, let’s have a solemn moment for a man who gave his all.

Happy Birthday, Adolf Hitler.