Happy Independence Day!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 4, 2019

Happy Independence Day, my Fellow Americans.

Each year we celebrate our independence on this day. It is proper that we should do this once a year, for every other day of the year is a celebration of our subservience to the Jews who have hijacked our homeland and turned “One Nation Under GOD” into “One Nation Under ZOG.”

But I jest. For there is no independence to be found in this nation, and thus on this day, there is nothing to celebrate. It matters little to the average person, as they’ve never understood what this day once meant. In school, we are taught some names and dates regarding our revolutionary war against Mother England, but this does not speak to the heart of the matter. For our independence once meant more than marking a date in history – it described the spirit of the New Man that was born in this New World. We declared our independence because we had been born anew, and we could no longer be tied to our mother. The war of independence is as trivial to our nation’s birth as the cutting of the umbilical cord is to the birth of a child.

Over the course of the 19th century, we grew up on this sacred land and by the Hand of God, our destiny was manifest. We became the greatest engine of creation that the world had ever seen.

Through purity of purpose and virtue of strength, we conquered the dark armies of this wild land, that it be made free for our progeny that would stretch to the end of time.

With sword and pistol and horse and wagon, we swept across the vast expanse of this continent, meeting the ocean on the other side.

We built machines as powerful as ten-thousand horses for men to ride.

We built monuments and towers that scraped the sky.

We made a man to fly.

We became loved and feared across the entire face of the earth, for we were mighty as giants.

This was our independence. We were independent from binding that had held down mortal men in any age before ours.

We were the New Man, shaping a New World. We were laying the foundations of an empire that would last 10,000 years.

But then the Devil came upon us. He whispered in our ear. Dark temptation.

He promised us things. And things we would have.

Men of God warned us of the price we would pay. But we would not be swayed.

The Devil wanted blood to drink, and we poured it out for him all across the body of Old Europa.

After this unholy sacrifice – millions upon millions of Christians and God’s own prophet, killed by our hand – the Devil smiled wide and he showed his teeth.

There was a crack and a boom and our nation was lit aflame.

And God removed from us His blessing.

The Devil brought dark and savage beasts of the earth to defile the safe places of our children.

The beasts desecrated our sacred places, which God had blessed, and they turned them rotten.

The Devil sang songs, which poisoned and corrupted the youth of our nation.

The Cross of Christ was removed from our children’s schools.

At the Devil’s command, women rose up against their brothers, fathers and husbands.

The most vile and satanic of acts were promoted as virtue.

And then these women, possessed by the spirit of Satan himself, demanded that they be permitted to sacrifice their own children on the altar of Moloch.

Fed on the blood of these little ones, the Devil gained the strength to pull this entire continent down into Hell itself.

And that is where we find ourselves today.

Dark beasts run loose, destroying everything in their path.

Women rule us, as brutal masters.

Just as women have become like men, so too have men become like women.

From the South, new monsters come to pick the bones of the corpse of our nation.

Our children are being defiled by sodomites on an industrial scale.

They are cutting off their penises, having been taught by the Devil himself.

Our leader is corrupted, having become a friend to Satan.

And still, the bodies of sacrificed children pile up as the Devil laughs.

There is only one way out of this.

Only one way to return our nation to freedom, to break these chains of enslavement to the basest of worldly desires.

One way to cast the Devil back into Hell.

We must return to God.

It matters not whether we are responsible for abandoning God. These sins of our fathers have been carried on to us, and we suffer for them.

There can be no salvation except through the Grace of God.

And so it is that which we must seek if we wish to save some remnant of our people from complete annihilation.

We must remember who we are.

We must declare our independence from the evil that surrounds us.

And we must fight.