Harvard: BASED Black Students Hold Segregated Graduation

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
May 10, 2017

Good for these niggers.

Black students at Harvard are creating a safe space for white people by having a segregated graduation.

And somehow, cuckservatives of all stripes are huffing and puffing about it, when we should be encouraging blacks in these endeavors.

Across the country negro students are segregating their dorms and proms, and conservative talking heads are pretending to be sad because they want to be roommates with a negro. Or are is it that they’re comfortable with the thought of their daughter being alone in a room full of groids?

The worst fear of the National Review Online readership is that their daughters will miss out on this type of experience.

If this trend gets big enough, what are they going to say when whites assert the same? Of course there will be Jewish pushback, but the public will see no moral difference as blacks themselves reject Martin Luther King’s (Stanley Levinson’s, technically) deadly nightmare.

On the flipside, if this picks up steam, Jews will be forced to start counter-signaling blacks, which will get interesting. These SWPL type of Ivy League blacks probably want their Red Velvet cake and to eat it too, which is why we must cease opportunities like this to exacerbate polarization.

The Boston Globe:

Two days before Courtney Woods dresses in a cap and gown for Harvard’s traditional commencement, she will don a stole made of African kente cloth and address the crowd at a somewhat different event: a graduation ceremony for black students.

Student organizers said the event, called Black Commencement 2017, is the first universitywide ceremony for black students at Harvard and is designed to celebrate their unique struggles and achievements at an elite institution that has been grappling with its historic ties to slavery.

Similar ceremonies have been held for Harvard undergraduates as well as for students at Stanford, Columbia, Temple, and other campuses. On May 23, Harvard will also hold its third annual graduation ceremony for students of Latin American descent.

The ceremony for black students was created during a period of heightened activism related to racism on college campuses and in the country at large — from the Black Lives Matter movement to the increased focus on “micro-aggressions,” passing comments that seem to trivialize or marginalize the experiences of minorities.

So true.

According to the professors at 25% Jewish Harvard, white people are a threat to black people by our very nature. It’s ingrained in our DNA. Every time a white man drinks a glass of milk or gives the OK sign, another little Trayvon gets angel wings.

Which is why we need to come together with non-whites and strike a compromise to keep us physically separate. By keeping the races separate, minorities will be kept safe from the Ku Klux Klan’s nightly rides through the Harvard campus.

Let’s fight white privilege and make progress happen!