Hate Crime: Three Jews Arrested for Desecrating Graves of WWI Australian Soldiers

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
June 19, 2017

The Battle of Beersheba (1917) remains one of the finest moments in Australian military history. The British army was stuck in a typical World War I stalemate with the Turkish garrison, so they decided upon drastic action to break through the line.

Using only bayonets, the 4th Light Horse Brigade were commanded to mount a head on cavalry charge across an open field against Ottoman machine guns and artillery. The horsemen suffered casualties, but were able to reach and defeat the entrenched Turks. This attack allowed the British to take Beersheba and then Jerusalem.

Unfortunately for the fallen heroes, they were buried in what is now modern day Israel. Their tombs have crosses on them, which makes them a target for Jewish hate crimes.

Times of Israel:

Three Jewish youths were arrested on Saturday after they were caught vandalizing the Beersheba War Cemetery in southern Israel, police said.

A passerby reported to police that the three — two minors aged 14 and 17, and another man aged 18 — were causing damage to tombstones in the graveyard, known locally as the Australian cemetery.

Police arrested the three, and took them to a nearby station for questioning. Pictures released by the police showed several headstones that had been toppled.

A police statement noted that the three suspects were Jewish, and that the cemetery served Christians, but did not indicate whether the incident was religiously motivated or not.

Notice the lack of the widely abused buzzword HATE.

Is this a hate crime?

What does it look like?

Will the Australian government condemn these Jews for on this cowardly attack? No, because Australia’s been sold!

Surely, the Australian “free press” will mention this? Not yet. I will be following this case and report if they don’t say something in the next 24 hours.

As for the three Jewish vandals, expect a slap on the wrist. When Jews kicked their own tombstones over in the USA it was an international scandal even Donald Trump was expected to address. Here we get a blurb in Israeli press.