Hate-Filled Swedish Farmers Create Hay Balls Resembling Swedish Flag for World Cup

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
June 25, 2018

World Cups have become increasingly problematic for Sweden. You see, Swedes pride themselves on their commitment to diversity, yet – much to their embarrassment – 90% of their footballers look like Dr. Mengele’s greatest success stories:

Worse still, World Cups are a time when Swedes tend to wave their national flag. This isn’t bad in itself, provided that the flag-wavers are Swedes from the Horn of Africa…

… but when those flag-wavers are white Swedes, you can begin to appreciate why Jews living in America might lose sleep at night.

As a duo of hateful farmers recently learned, however, Sweden has no shortage of citizens that are willing to shame the racists who partake in questionable acts of patriotism.

Sputnik News:

A vivid image of “hay balls” in national yellow and blue made by Swedish farmers in support of their national team during the FIFA World Cup in Russia has triggered the ire of leftists, who minced no words when accusing the innocent supporters of racism.

To support their national football team during the ongoing World Cup in Russia, Torpshammar natives Per Johan Andersson and his wife Katrine created a vibrant image of a national flag made of hay sacks and posted it on Facebook. While welcomed by thousands of buoyant Swedish fans, the image also inspired “anti-racists” to fill the comments section with hatred against the farmer and his wife.

Clearly, Per’s definition of “vibrant” vastly differs from the Swedish government’s definition.

This is vibrant:

This, on the other hand, can only be described as thinly-veiled xenophobia:

Notice that Per is wearing sunglasses on a cloudy day, presumably to hide his face. This man knows he is breaking the law.

In addition to being a tribute to team Sweden, the installation was a support initiative against childhood cancer, which didn’t stop the activists from verbally assaulting the patriotic farmer. One particular person went so far as to write “I knew that all the damn farmers were racists.”

“It was sad being called racist,” Per Johan Andersson told the local newspaper Sundsvall Tidning. According to him, he tries to do something special with the “hay balls” every year. This year’s blue-yellow coloring, according to him, was both an homage to team Sweden and a token of support for cancer-stricken children, as well as Swedish agriculture.

That’s the most unconvincing response I’ve ever heard!

It’s obvious to me that the police need to investigate this matter further. The last thing the Swedish government needs is one of those “Sweden has a right to exist” rogues running around the countryside, un-diversifying everything he touches.

Flying the national flag outside sports events and beyond official “flag days” is sometimes considered one of the staples of the far-right agenda in Sweden and is often frowned upon by left-wingers.

I didn’t know that Sweden had designated “flag days,” so I looked them up. It turns out that white Swedes like Per are permitted to wave their flags on certain calender dates, provided that:

  • They look miserable when doing it
  • Their flag-waving could not be construed as energetic or “overly keen”
  • At least one colored person stands beside them to remind witnesses of what the flag really represents

Those rules seem pretty strict to me, but I’ve never pretended to understand Swedism.

Incidentally, Sweden will be playing Mexico this Wednesday. I can’t tell Swedes what to do, but I can offer some advice: it would look rather intolerant and supremacist if the Swedish team were to beat those little brown stubbies in front of the whole world. I’m not saying the Swedes should just stand still and let the Mexicans win, but they should at least consider playing without a goalkeeper.