HateHouse Ep. 39: Lackin (Cigarettes)

Larry Ridgeway
The Right Stuff
May 15, 2018

Hi. Im joined by Jayoh and Azzmador to talk about stuff. Jayoh leaves and Azzmador and i just bullshit about me being a blackpilled piece of garbage among other things.

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Break: Father Coughlin- Drive the Money Changers from the Temple


Top Comments

  1. This is my favorite podcast to listen to when I’m working around the house

  2. Or driving around.

    I’ll rock the daily shoah, JF, that other guy (CC), at work, but this one I can not!

    Especially with Jayoh & Azz dropping nigger so much.

    I hope Jayoh comes on more, I kind of like him.

  3. My headphone cord came out of my phone at work once but luckily it was Lauritz von Guildhausen talking. If HH was on I would have been out the door by the end of the day.

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