Head #MeToo Witch Flips the Script, Goes on Attack Against Condom-Less Teenager

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 2, 2018

Brave womyn are finally standing up against “barebacking,” yet another new kind of rape.

You know, the original rape allegation against Julian Assange from Sweden was that he had sex with a woman without a condom. The woman alleged that she thought he had a condom on.

That’s what they tried to extradite him on, to then, presumably hand him over to the US, and shove him in a CIA torture hole in some GPS-proof blacksite.

Thankfully, we don’t have such bizarre laws in America…

So why is this bitch bringing up the fact that the teenager that she fucked didn’t have a condom?


One of the leading voices of the #MeToo movement, actress Asia Argento, has rolled back on her previous claims and now admits that she slept with Jimmy Bennett, who has accused her of sexually assaulting him when he was 17.

The Italian actress previously denied having intercourse with her co-star, although she is believed to have paid Bennett a $380,000 settlement after he alleged that they had sex in a California hotel room in 2013. However, the actress revealed another version of their relationship during a TV show on Sunday, insisting that then-17-year-old literally “jumped” on her.

“He undressed me, put me sideways on the bed, climbed onto me and had complete sex without even using a condom,” Argento told the host. She said that her former co-star told her that he had been sexually attracted to her “since he was 12 years old.”


Is it a crime to not wet-suit it up like Jacques Costeau before going deep-sea diving?

Did this bitch forget that America is still not (thank god) Sweden-tier?

That seems to be the new accusation to lob at men.

“He didn’t use a condom!” And then they claim that it’s rape-tier for some reason.

Taking a step back though, it is amazing just how intuitively leftists and Jews understand that reality is malleable. 

They really do believe in magic words. They believe that if they say something with enough emotion and repeat it enough times, it can, in fact, become the truth.

They’re like Druids cursing their enemies before a battle.

Beseeching the Daedric gods of the Jews to bless them with unholy strength.

Things that aren’t crimes are suddenly perceived as being crimes by normal NPCs.

Take “Hate Speech” for example. This isn’t a thing in America. But even I, for years, thought that it was a legit arrestable offense.

And I wasn’t the only one. 

So you basically have people thinking it’s real, and then upon finding out it isn’t real, they start demanding to know why the authorities aren’t enforcing the non-existent rule, because, in their minds, such a law already exists.

And they believe it with such vehemence and religious fervor, that people without a firm contra-conviction blink and start thinking that they are wrong and the baying mob is right.

Hate speech IS a thing. 

All women SHOULD be believed. 

No condom=rape. 

That religious conviction, that shamanic fervor – well, the conservatives just don’t have that.

If I’ve learned anything, it is that we’re just one trending hashtag away from it becoming the de facto law, enforced by the leftist mob.

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