Health Friday: And First, Your Questions

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 3, 2018

I swore to do Health Fridays.

In fact, I swore to do Fitness Fridays, but then decided we’ve got enough weekly alliteration going on up in this bitch. Plus “fitness” is more about exercise, and I have declared diet and other endocrine-management issues more important than exercise.

Anyway, I declared Health Fridays on Self-Help Sunday, wherein I wrote about basic diet rules.

There were a lot of comments in response to that. Thankfully, more genuine people concerned with real health than butthurt food pyramidists.

For those who don’t know we have a comments section – yes, we have a comments section. It is on a secret forum and no you cannot join it, please do not email me asking to join the secret forum or for any other reason.

Seriously: don’t email me.

We’re going to get people on the secret forum, but they’re going to have to pay. Big time. Just a token amount, just to confirm you’re not a bot and worth the time for the manual registration, which I’m gonna have a paid employee manage.

Anyway, just going to post the questions (in bold) and my answers (in normal).

Note: This is not professional advice. I am not a stock broker or a doctor or chef. I dropped out of college. I have only ever read abridged "collected works" versions of Locke.

Your Questions

I drink water from the plastic bottles. What is my healthy alternative because I tend to have a drink of some kind with me at all times. I don’t trust tap water anymore than bottled. Is there a safe solution here?

Yes, tap water in most areas is worse than plastic bottled water. As a general rule. Because there is literal estrogen in tap water, due to the birth control pills these women take. There are also heavy metals. And a bunch of other drugs, including Prozac.

We are surrounded non-stop by plastics. And we can’t avoid all of them. It just isn’t possible. I’m typing on a plastic keyboard right now, and some degree of this is going to absorb into the pores of my fingers.

In fact, theoretically, plastic bottled water is not really that big of a threat. The problem is most of these bottle have been sitting around in hot trucks.

There are also degrees of plastic – called a “resin identification code.” In most countries, plastic products will have a numerical identification code on the bottom.

The safe code is generally on the bottom of a big blue plastic bottle.

It is #1 (usually – check though).

It is also much thicker, harder plastic.

This should NOT leak Bisphenol A (BPA) (and theoretically should not even contain it). Be very careful not to get it hot.

BPA is the “xenoestrogen” that is causing most of our problems. Buying these bottles to keep in the house is ideal. Well, ideally, we would be getting water from a clean mountain spring and carrying it in glass or wood – but we don’t live in an ideal world.

You can fill these jugs at most grocery stores from a reverse osmosis machine. I would replace the bottles at least once a year, and always avoid them sitting in heat (don’t leave them in a hot car).

Note: Ideally, you could install a reverse osmosis machine in your house, so you could just drink out of your own tap. This will also keep the estrogens in the water from absorbing into your skin in the shower (hot shower causes a lot of this, actually). But this is very expensive, and obviously you have to own your own house to make this a thing, and most of us do not.

As far as on the go: if you don’t want to worry about breaking a glass bottle, you can use a stainless steel jug. You can also buy a high-quality “bioplastic” (made from plant material instead of petrochemicals) bottle that is legit estrogen free from an organic store or online. BPA is finally – after all these years – being discussed as a threat, and they are producing products which do not contain this substance.

Just make sure it is 100% bioplastic – Coca-Cola recently got on a trend of “going green” as a publicity stunt but their bottles were only 30% bioplastic.

They said it had something to do with recycling. Recycling is a gigantic scam that I don’t care about. Certainly not going to talk about it here – this is a health column. (I do believe personally petrochemical-based plastic should be outlawed, point blank).

All this having been said: if I’m thirsty and there is only plastic bottle water around, I drink it. But I try to keep it to an absolute minimum.

Important Note: Many products are now advertising as "BPA free" but actually contain BPS, which is effectively the exact same thing. Sort of like when Prozac got a bad name, they started coming out with all these other SSRIs with different names. You can think of other analogies. But be careful with "BPA free" products that are being advertised to you, because it is probably a scam and just has BPS instead (unless it is some vegan and/or ultra extremist health store, in which case they will know about BPS and you can ask them).

Also, what about hard liquor? I’m partial to good whiskey. It’s got to be better than beer no?

Yes, much better than beer. Beer is literally liquid estrogen. Horrible, terrible substance.

Firstly, alcohol is always a poison, and the only truly “healthy” option is red wine (preferably dry) in moderation.

However, we need to enjoy our lives, of course.

I generally always go with clear liquors: vodka, tequila, gin. In that order. And I do not mix them with sugar. Neat or with soda water on the rocks. I will sometimes do a gin-tonic. The sugar in tonic water is very low. And I only add a tiny bit of tonic, using a lot of ice.

Whisky is much better than beer of course. And I understand people get into scotch and so on as a hobby. There are a lot worse things you could be doing. I would just recommend neat or on the rocks, which is what you are already doing if you’re a connoisseur.

And again: if I’m in a social situation once a month and someone offers me a beer, I’ll take it. These things in moderation are okay. You do not want to become a neurotic mess. But if it is a “beer party” I will slowly sip it and never drink more than one.

Canned beer is much worse than bottled beer.

Any good things to put in a slow cooker for food? I work 12 hours a day plus an hour commute plus hour gym I don’t have time to cook, really.

I have no idea. I am not a chef. I generally eat slops.

That is, I have my beef ground up into ground meat, and then boil it in a pot with vegetables and salt.

I also eat a lot of eggs, which are very easy to cook. I cook them in butter, sometimes adding tomato, onions and garlic in a “scrambled” type mess. I will also sometimes throw chopped up bacon in that mix. Mushrooms are also great.

I will pour either my slop or scrambled eggs over white rice on gym days. (On non-gym days, I tend to go very low carb – just a few vegetables, not starchy ones.)

These are very quick meals. Chopped up and put together in 10 minutes, cooked for 15-20. And I will cook huge pots, and then reheat them for three days. Reheating the eggs can be troublesome, because they will stick to the bottom of the pan. The trick then is to move it to a new pan and add extra butter to the bottom.

This is bachelor health food. I honestly know very, very little about cooking. It is a hobby I want to take up, but just have not.

I know there are a lot of beef and pork dishes that can be cooked in a slow cooker. But you’d have to check YouTube.

Also, can you leave these on when you’re not at home? I thought that was a fire risk. But I have no idea actually.

Is that the consensus on chicken? It’s filled with estrogen due to chicken feed being heavily soy laden?

Chicken is almost universally horrible, yes. It is injected with growth hormones, and then injected with antibiotics, because it is just assumed that the rapid growth and horrible conditions of the factory farm will cause it all kinds of infections. So you are eating estrogen meat with antibiotics still in its flesh.

You can of course buy natural chicken. They are much smaller and much more expensive. I basically do not eat chicken ever.

And yes, they are fed corn and soy slop. I do not know that there is likely to be more estrogen because they ate soy, or if there is any study on that even. But there is already so much estrogen because of the rapid-growth cocktails.

Note that the EU probably has different rules on what they are allowed to pump animals with than the completely unregulated United States. It’s just something you’d have to research.

But chicken is honestly a low quality meat either way, promoted as healthy as part of a theory about “lean meat” being superior to fatty meat.

The healthiest meat will always be game meat. Then certain smaller fish. Then grassfed beef and lamb. Then pork. Chicken would be after a few other things, including turkey.

I drink beer, IPA, APA, in other words, beers filled crazy with hops, I don’t see side effects, except I fart like hell.

Hey, it’s your life, buddy. I’m not your dad. I think it is absolute fucking insanity for men to consume liquid estrogen. And find it interesting that those who do feel a need to brag about it. As if they are defending it to themselves, rather than to me and the rest of the internet – because I don’t give a fuck if you want to destroy your body and endocrine system. That is a you problem – not a me problem.

But you do you. I’m offering advice for people who want it. Not for those who pride themselves on chugging estrogen and mock those who question it.

But, if I’m going to make a lesson of that non-question: gas is generally a negative thing, a sign of gut problems. Which is why the famous slave-food – beans – is known for causing gas. It is a poisonous food designed explicitly to feed to slaves. The ruling class were eating meat while the peasants were eating beans, having severe gut issues, farting all the time.

What about golden unrefined sugar?

The question there would be: why?

Yes, I would imagine that natural sugars are better than bleached white sugars, but what is the purpose of consuming this product?

The only sugars I ever consume are in fruit. And not much of that. End of.

Someone brought me cake at my birthday and I was like “thanks no – I’ll blow the candle tho.”

If you absolutely must have sugar in your coffee, natural honey is the best option. Honey actually has health properties (though the micronutrients may be damaged by the heat of coffee – that isn’t clear).


We don’t have many female readers, but we had one who asked a series of questions.

Though this is a men’s site, I will answer them to the best of my ability. These answers should be interesting to men too (which is the only reason I’m answering them).

All of the following questions were asked by a woman.

I am naturally genetically very thin and probably as a result of this very similar diet you recommend, but I am wondering if my small breasts may be because of too much testosterone if I eat this male oriented foods? So in my case should I eat foods with estrogen or are these foods with estrogen bad for everyone including women?

Any food with any hormone in it is bad for everyone. We are not here recommending foods that contain testosterone. I don’t know of any type of such food. I have never heard the term “xenotestosterone.” If you want exogenous testosterone, you have to inject it.

These recommended foods are those that cause the male body to increase natural production of testosterone. I can’t imagine any of these foods would cause a woman to have a hormonal imbalance. These are just healthy foods which would be for both sexes.

You want your body to produce endogenous estrogen, and I believe a healthy diet as here recommended would cause that to happen.

I don’t think there is any way to increase your breast size other than by ingesting exogenous estrogen. Birth control pills increase breast size. But this is like a man taking anabolic steroids. It is not healthful. Especially when young. Old women do take estrogen, as old men take testosterone.

Most men prefer firm, healthful breasts. If you are totally flat chested, wear a push-up bra. Better yet, just get married and pregnant to a man who is okay with your breast size and stop being a trollop.

I started gym to put on weight a little but because I am such a hard gainer I started taking protein powder. Are these powders ok or a poison?

I would never eat any of that shit, personally. People do eat it. But just look at the label. It contains all kinds of chemicals that you don’t have any idea what they are.

And all it is is protein, which can be gotten from other sources. The ideal would be raw milk, which you can consume by the gallon to gain weight. Kefir is also an option.

But a lot of beef does the same thing – the issue being that your stomach can only hold so much beef.

I don’t drink a lot of milk but milk is the best as a base for above mentioned protein powder shake but I buy organic or goat’s, sometimes coconut. Can I continue or what would you recommend as an alternative for protein smoothie which is not water?

“Organic” dairy products are still pasteurized. That is the problem. Pasteurization is a heating process kills the bacteria which your body needs to properly process the lactose. I don’t support any dairy product other than the following:

  • Raw milk
  • Cheeses made from raw milk
  • Butter (lactose is removed, it’s just fat)
  • Kefir (the fermentation process adds new bacteria which help the body to process it)

Most people can figure out a way to get raw milk, even though Jewish-run governments have outlawed the industrial scale. You just said you’re Polish, and I imagine it is not illegal and widely available there. Probably it is sold fresh in glass jugs, like it used to be in America and Western Europe.

As a bread addict, is it ok if I carry on eating a lot of bread but which is fresh from bakery and not the packed paper-like-taste one?

No one should ever eat any kind of bread under any circumstances. Unless they are a slave or a prisoner and this is the only food they are being fed by their master/jailer.

Bread is slave food. It is not the food of free men. There is absolutely zero nutritional benefit to bread. It was literally invented to feed slaves.

Are simple plain oatmeal ok to add to smoothie?


I don’t know what kind of smoothie you’re talking about, I can’t think of one I would eat, but I wouldn’t add oatmeal to anything, ever.

Oatmeal – like all other grains – is lined with antinutrients which bind to nutrients in your body and prevent the body from absorbing them.

Here is the wikipedia page on antinutrients. This is not some conspiracy theory, it is scientific fact

Defenders of the food pyramid grain-addiction plot, such as Michelle Obama, have responded to research on antinutrients by making the absolutely insane claim that you just have to eat more nutrients in order to out-nutrient the antinutrients. They do not explain why you would instead just not eat the antinutrients at all, and thus require less food generally, and be healthier.

Do not eat beans. Do not eat grains. This is bad for your health.

The only safe “grain” is white rice, because the shell is removed. And this isn’t really good for you, it’s just a pure starch that helps with muscle recovery, and is an energy source.

Oatmeal cultists who promote it as some miracle health food are no different than the soy or flax seed cultists who promote those poisons as miracle foods.

Is black tea ok?

Yes. Any kind of tea is okay. Green tea has more antioxidants, so I drink that instead of black tea. Black tea has higher caffeine, but I drink coffee, so I’m not worried about that. I can drink green tea in the evening, and get the health benefits and enjoyment of the taste without the caffeine that will make it hard to sleep if consumed too late in the day.

I obviously do not recommend sugar in the tea. You will learn to love the taste of the tea itself without the sugar after a period. “Acquired taste,” we call that.

Is mature yellow cheese ok?

Not if it is made from pasteurized milk. See above comments on dairy/cheese.

Is salami meat ok?

The short answer would probably be “not really,” the long answer would be “find out what is in it.”

A lot of these processed deli-type meats contain all sorts of chemicals – some sausages sold in modern supermarkets are even stuffed with soy and wheat.

Theoretically, naturally produced sausages are going to be as fine as any other meat.

With salami and other cured sausages: the modern curing process is very complicated and often very bad. But there are worse things you can eat, for sure. The best thing would be to get them from a real butcher, and ask about the curation process. Packaged salamis are always going to be questionable.

Other forms of deli meat may or may not be better than cured sausages.

These are easy snack foods.

I eat smoked turkey breast sometimes. And sliced ham. And roast beef of course (though that can be expensive).

It is always better to just eat real meat. But for men on the go, and as an occasional snack, deli meats are generally okay if they are not totally processed crap.


If you asked a question that wasn’t answered, maybe it was a stupid question or you asked it in a rude way. But if it was a good question, I probably didn’t see it, so just ask it again.

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