Help the Daily Stormer Get Back Online!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 26, 2015


Though it is difficult to admit, we are having serious problems trying to get the site back online.  As you can see, it is technically online, but just barely, as pages often take a minute or more to load.

If you are seeing this message, please consider helping out financially in getting the site back online.

As you know, we have had PayPal funding cut by the Jew SPLC and I am struggling to pay the site costs.  IT work is extremely costly, and I keep hiring cheap IT people because it is all I can afford and they keep screwing it up worse.  The host we are on right now is horrible, and a root cause of most of the problems.  The databases are also all screwed up – you see the database errors – and this causes serious problems.

And before people go on the comments and say “ah well you should be able to host this site for $20 a month,” understand that this is no the number one pro-White site on the internet and we have Jews following us around using bother legal means (calling up and telling people to drop us) and illegal means (hack attacks) to harm our operation.  This is incredibly complicated stuff, and IT work is very expensive and these people tend to rip you off.

We need the backend of the site completely redone, and this is expensive.  The site also needs moved to a new host.  I’ve decided to move to one of the premium hosts which will be safe for free speech and take care of attacks.  But that is expensive as well.

This is all becoming very problematic.

I am hereby asking for help from anyone who is willing and has the money.

You can send it very easily through Bitcoin, using Coinbase.  Setup takes two minutes, then you can enter your credit card number and send us money directly through Bitcoin, which I can then use to fix the site, migrate it and pay for the new host.

This is my bitcoin address:


Whatever happens, the site is going to be down for a while.  Or rather, it will be like it is now, where you can barely load it.  If the money comes in, it will be back up in about a week, maybe a little less.  If the money doesn’t come, I am going to have to figure out something else, and I don’t know how long that will take.

This has obviously gotten very stupid, having a site this popular and not being able to run it due to a lack of basic funds.  I realize how stupid this is.  I am trying to find a solution to this, but right now, it’s an emergency.

If you do not have the money, please don’t even think twice about it – I don’t want money you don’t have.  If you do have some money, however, and enjoy what we are doing here and feel it is important, please consider taking the few minutes to set up a coinbase account and sending it that way through credit card.  You can also send cash or check/money order/international money order through the mail – address is here.

We will be back soon, whatever happens.

Hail Victory.
Andrew Anglin