Heretic Senior Vatican Official Says Pagan Statue Theft was an “Act of Defiance,” Names Some Kind of Spirit and “Mother Earth”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 23, 2019

Oh jeez man.

We previously reported on believers stealing and destroying evil pagan statues the Pope was harboring.

Now the Church is responding and it’s just… it’s almost too much.

The Church just keeps getting worse, just when you think they can’t possibly get any worse.

No wonder so many people are converting to Russian Orthodox Christianity.

Daily Mail:

The Vatican on Monday spoke of an ‘act of defiance‘ after some indigenous Amazonian statues were taken from a Rome church and dumped into the Tiber River following criticism from ultra-conservative Catholics.

Anonymous individuals filmed themselves taking the five statues of a naked, pregnant woman from a church near the Vatican and throwing them from a bridge.

The vandalism came during a meeting of bishops or synod at the Vatican focused on the Amazon region, during which some ultra-conservatives have criticised the display of what they call ‘pagan’ indigenous objects during church ceremonies.

Senior Vatican official Paolo Ruffini told journalists on Monday that the theft was ‘an act of defiance’ that was ‘against the spirit of dialogue.’

We have repeatedly said that these statues represent life, fertility, mother Earth,’ Ruffini said.

I think we all used to make fun of people claiming we were living in the Biblical End Times.

I don’t think any of us are making fun anymore.

But just remember: after the time of Satan and Doom, comes a time of Jesus and Sunshine.

This is the way of eternity.