Hero Leader Trump Again Mocks Shifty Pervert Macron as His Shithole Burns Down!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 5, 2018

American President Donald J. Trump can count on no hands the number of fucks he gives about France burning down and the key pervert Macron being forced to make humiliating concessions to a violent mob.

The militant American leader tweeted mockery at the failed loser Macron in his hour of greatest turmoil, saying that he is happy that Macron finally figured out that global warming is a global hoax designed to scam first world countries out of money.

He then made it about the American people – because all of the globalists are making it about the American people. As I wrote earlier today, the globalist Jews of the Washington Post said that Macron’s role on earth is to do battle against America and destroy American nationalism in the name of Jewish globalism.

President Trump refused to agree to the Paris Suicide Pact on global hoaxery, and so of course the French people are saying “why should we have to have our lives ruined to pay taxes on a globalist scam?”

All the pervert Macron is able to say is the same thing that every other globalist shill says when people ask this question: “muh UN graph.”

Of course, the UN climate graph continues to get more and more wrong every hour that passes on earth, as we fail to burn up, and no cities are flooded with water.

I have argued that global warming is in fact a bigger hoax than the Holocaust.

Because with the Holocaust, at least they can confuse you and claim that there are ashes of millions of Jews buried in Poland but you can’t dig there to check that claim  because it would violate Jewish religious burial practices (even though burial practices were already violated by the cremations, and all anyone wants to do is take some “core” samples of the ground to see if there are any mass graves there).

With global warming, the Jew just points you to this chart and you’re like “what the fuck, this chart is wrong you kike,” and the Jew just hisses at you and scurries back into the shadows.