Hero Train Slays Somali and Afghan Illegals Loitering on Tracks in FYROM

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
April 25, 2015

"wtf is that thing coming this way? Looks pretty fast." -Immigrants, seconds before their demise.
“wtf is that thing coming this way? Looks pretty fast.” -Immigrants, seconds before their demise.

In nearly all cases non-Whites are just too dumb to share this planet of ours. This was proven exquisitely on Friday as an international passenger train travelling through central Macedonia splattered 14 idiot illegal asylum seekers who — as this week’s undisputed winners of the Darwin award — were sitting carefree on the tracks oblivious to the oncoming danger.

This champion slaughter comes almost a week after 700 migrating human cockroaches drowned trying to row into Europe, but wound up feeding fishes instead.

In a statement released by authorities “horror” was used to describe a scene that would otherwise warrant the use of the word “splendid” as body parts were strewn 150 metres across the railroad.

The heroic train driver, who deserves Macedonia’s highest honour, reported seeing a dozen or so morons sitting on the track but was either unable or unwilling to stop in time to prevent them being beautly sliced under the Choo Choo’s steely wheels.

The particular stretch of railway is proving a real plus in the culling of illegal immigrants, which is located in a mountain area passing through a canyon in the central town of Veles, and given the layout of the terrain it doesn’t afford the human parasites much chance of dodging the oncoming train.

Dozens of Somalis and Afghans have lost their lives strolling along this excellent stretch of train line, which is equally deserving of recognition in its contribution to the defence of Macedonian territory from this unwanted human garbage.

Thanks, Thomas!

Apparently, the Macedonian line is a point of entry for vermin from Africa, the Middle East and central and south Asia as they head north from Greece aiming to Cross the European Union border into Romania, Hungary and Croatia.

Sadly, traitorous Macedonian smugglers are aiding and abetting the genetic offal by charging inexpensive fees to provide passage to the Serbian border.

While the Jew press describe the event in Macedonia as a tragedy, in effect it’s a marvellous event that unfortunately will now wind up costing Europeans taxpayers as the EU leadership triple funding for search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean. Their criminal bid to stop these deaths that nature herself has sanctioned will only add to the suffering, death and displacement of the host cultures in the countries that these apes and sand-coons eventually make it to.

Thus far, a paltry 1,750 migrants have perished crossing the Mediterranean, which is thirty times higher than during the same period in 2014.

Regardless, these figures are nowhere near high enough and the Daily Stormer calls on the Mediterranean Sea to take a leaf out of that Macedonian train’s book and get seriously busy on a regular basis. It needs to play its part a little more efficaciously by issuing stronger currents and commanding rougher nautical conditions that will make an already perilous journey an almost certain disaster. It would help too, if the occasional mini Tsunami strategically struck at points where these vessels are attempting to make their voyage.

Remember, each time illegal immigrants drown at the bottom of the sea King Neptune spins his trident in a victory twirl and gets down to some serious partying.