Heroic Belgian Weatherman Imagines a Belgium Without Arabs

Islam Versus Europe
December 23, 2013

Typical Aryan weatherman.
Typical Aryan weatherman.

You may remember the Belgian weatherman earlier this year (see here and here) who was the victim of a Muslim road rage attack. When he got home, in a distressed state, he published an anti-Muslim screed on his Facebook page then was sacked by his employer. He’s done it again. This time he’s published an open letter addressed to “our Tunisian, Algerian, Moroccan, Egyptian, Libyan friends, and all others”. He imagines what would happen if they all returned home.

Be assured, of course, that we will be very sad, because we’re really going to miss you. We will no longer see North African names in the miscellaneous news sections of the newspapers; lots of cutlery shops will have to close their doors; sheep farmers will have to reconvert; SOS Racism and MRAP [tn: “anti-racist” NGOs] will have to shut down; the mine clearance experts will become unemployed; the reduction in staff will really take a toll on our law enforcement agencies; the banlieues will no longer be lit up at night by cars set on fire; the price of coffee in the bistros will go up.

Don’t be downhearted, we understand your priorities: the meagre benefits and other social advantages we give you are derisory compared to the manna from heaven you will collect in your countries, which have finally been liberated. We understand that, having suffered so much from our invading Christianity, you would prefer to come back to a secular and free republic, and that you will henceforth aspire to occupy positions of high responsibility, remunerated accordingly, and that you will be delighted to rediscover the softness of your southern Mediterranean climate.”

And if we ever happen to pass by, you will welcome us. To welcome us properly, you will certainly set up benefits specifically for emigrants, free insurance, free medical care, priority in housing, etc. You will be open to that multicultural society you demanded so forcibly among us. You will let us raise pigs, and your law enforcement officers will let themselves be insulted without batting an eye. We will claim our rights, not our duties, and if that doesn’t work, then we will throw stones at your government offices and set fire to some cars. And if you don’t build us some churches quickly, we will burn your mosques.

Source: Fdesouche.com

This was posted on his Facebook page, but it looks as though it’s been taken down, though. Already made it to the Establishment press, though. Maybe he had a little too much Christmas cheer?