Heroic Comedian Sam Hyde BANNED From YouTube and Instagram

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
May 7, 2018

Is this someone you really want as an enemy, kikes?

You would think that getting shot up would have led YouTube to reevaluate the wisdom of censoring people’s content arbitrarily.

Naturally, you’d be wrong.

Queen Nasim only acted in self-defense against these censoring Jews.

These social media Jews, apparently not content to be merely shot up once, are now fucking with the most dangerous man on the internet: Sam Hyde.

I gotta hand it to em. These YouTube kikes have balls.

Gateway Pundit:

Following his Instagram suspension, Sam Hyde’s YouTube channel “Million Dollar Extreme” has been permanently removed. Heading to the page itself leaves visitors with only this: “…terminated for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.” and nothing more. Sam Hyde’s external project “Hyde Wars” remains untouched as of now.

All this classic content… Gone forever…

Unless you check out one of the numerous mirrors of MDE’s material, of course.

But still.

The Million Dollar Extreme channel was a part of internet history. It was home to some of the greatest comedy bits of all time.

They can never be forgiven for this transgression. In a thousand years, stories of these sketches will be passed down through oral tradition to our descendants, who will rue the blasted kikes responsible for the destruction of these sacred documents.

Verily, the Semitic urge to destroy White works of art rears it’s ugly head again.

This is literally the same thing as deleting Sam Hyde’s channel. Except these statues weren’t even funny, so…

This behavior is nothing new from the few social media giants. Whether or not one has actually violated the rules isn’t worth disputing anymore, as they retain the right to suspend whoever for whatever. Strangely enough, it happens most often to right-wing users. Really gets one thinking.

Late last year, the Million Dollar Extreme show “WORLD PEACE” was cancelled after a single season on Adult Swim.

World Peace was basically the last funny show on television. It had fantastic ratings, too. But it was politically incorrect (or at least Blockhead Joe thought so), so it had to go.

Fortunately, Sam’s latest project, Crush500, is still available for subscription. I recommend all of his fans support him as the forces of evil descend on his work and conspire to destroy him.

Interestingly, he was banned from both Instagram and YouTube almost simultaneously. These services are owned by two different companies (Facebook and Google, respectively). And the ban is coming after a wave of censorship, “exposes” and doxing of the Alt-Right by the mainstream media and other Jewish organizations. This push is undoubtedly coordinated in order to cause the maximum damage in the shortest time frame possible.

But with each new wave of censorship, the effect is lessened. We’re all growing accustomed to their tactics, and hardening our defenses. In time, our systems will become so well honed that all attempts at shutting us down will amount to background noise.