Heroic Congressman Calls Cops on Illegals Attending State of the Union Address

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
January 30, 2017

A true patriot is always ready to call the cops on illegals.

While I always recommend that people should never talk to the police under any circumstance, there is actually one exception to that rule: reporting illegals so that they can be deported.

That’s something that should be done as much as possible.

The time when these criminal invaders can sleep soundly at night is coming to a close. From now on, they will live in a permanent state of fear as they are hunted down ruthlessly in a hostile land.

The people take cues from the actions of their leaders, and emulate that. So it’s a very good sign that we have a thoughtful congressman taking the time to call the cops on invaders during a high-profile event.

New York Times:

Standing outside in the freezing cold, dressed in a new navy blue suit and red tie, Leonardo Reyes was feeling a little overwhelmed Tuesday afternoon as he headed to Capitol Hill for President Trump’s State of the Union address. He was the guest of his home-state senator, Jeff Merkley, Democrat of Oregon.

“It feels a little strange,” Mr. Reyes said. “It’s not just the suit. It’s the fact that we are in this space where people have the power to determine the outcome of your life.”

Mr. Reyes, 27, is a so-called Dreamer, a young undocumented immigrant shielded from deportation under an Obama-era initiative that Mr. Trump rescinded. Democrats had invited several dozen of them to sit in the gallery overlooking the well of the House on Tuesday night to put a face on the roiling congressional debate over their future.

Why the hell are the democrats putting these worthless infiltrators in these prestigious and coveted seats, instead of people who actually deserve it? Trump invited heroes from the military and firefighters who saved dozens of lives.

That seemed like a good plan — until Representative Paul Gosar called the cops.


It ain’t easy being an illegal alien, huh?

Tell em’, Phil. Phil Collins is the official soundtrack of the Alt-Right. Yes, more so than Depeche Mode.

Mr. Gosar, Republican of Arizona, who is known as an immigration hard-liner, provoked considerable eye-rolling on Capitol Hill on Tuesday when he wrote on Twitter that he had contacted the Capitol Police, as well as Attorney General Jeff Sessions, “asking they consider checking identification of all attending the State of the Union address and arresting any illegal aliens in attendance.”

In a second post, he asked that those using “fraudulent social security numbers and identification to pass through security” be arrested.

And in case anyone missed his point, he followed with a third: “Of all the places where the Rule of Law needs to be enforced, it should be in the hallowed halls of Congress,” Mr. Gosar tweeted. “Any illegal aliens attempting to go through security, under any pretext of invitation or otherwise, should be arrested and deported.”

The cucked Senator Jeff Flake, who recently announced he’d flee his position as his pro-spic ideology is being rejected by the public, actually had the nerve to attack Gosard over his noble act.

But thankfully, he was immediately put in his place.

Shitlords are rising up from the political class and taking a stand for what is right in this world: kicking out beaners. This is all thanks to the Trump presidency and the work that the Alt-Right has done in the past few years.

Whereas in the old paradigm, the only way to carve out an existence in the political sphere was by cucking relentlessly and hope the Jews found it endearing, politicians are now realizing that it’s possible to gain popularity through honorable deeds.