Heroic Drunk Pole Commandeers Soviet Tank to Confront ZOG Head On!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 15, 2019

This one man had enough.

He decided that the censorship of Steven Crowder and Ben Shapiro was a step too far.

It was time to strike back against ZOG.


Police in central Poland responded to a late evening call over an incident that surely sent chills down the spines of Russophobe conspiracy theorists: a T-55 tank rampaging down the main street.

When police arrived at the scene in the town of Pajeczno on Thursday night, they found the Soviet-era tank casually parked on a central roadway with its two occupants nearby, one of whom was an intoxicated 49-year-old man who had been in the driver seat. 

The only thing that saved a whole lotta Jews was that our nameless hero ran out of vodka before he could unleash righteous hellfire on the local synagogue or just run over 6 million refugees in neighboring Germany, crushing their skulls underneath his tank tracks with a pleasant popping sound that bubble-wrap would make.

He didn’t live-stream the joyride, so we may never know if he yelled out, “Subscribe to Crowder’s Mug Club!” before he stepped on the gas and started driving through town.

Some people might think that he was nuts, but honestly, is taking a tank for a GTA-style spin around town as crazy as the Polish government’s plan to place 1,000 more ZOG-bots on Polish soil (on their own dime) and leave the fate of their country in the hands of the neocons who want to start a war on literally every single continent?

Playing GTA is harmless, even if you do it IRL.

Letting America occupy you though is just…

Like, why?

Do they love niggers that much?

Makes no sense.

Allying with a country to fight off another, larger and more powerful country is one thing.

Usually, you have weaker countries banding together to take on a larger opponent, not weaker countries tripping over themselves to vassalize themselves to a power that wants to use their country as cannon fodder against a country that poses no threat to anyone and which will, invariably, turn right around once the war is finished and force-resettle millions of Moslems in the de-populated territories.

Not really understanding the 4D chess at work here, tbh. 

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