Heroic Holo-Skeptic Robert Faurisson has Passed Away at Age 89

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 23, 2018

Tis a dark day.

A hero has passed away.

But he is a man who lived a very full life, fighting the Jewish menace, and he died with honor, having never walked back anything he ever said.

The Local:

Robert Faurisson, a former French academic who was convicted several times for claiming there was no systematic mass killings of Jews by Nazi Germany, has died aged 89 in his hometown of Vichy, central France, his sister and his editor said Monday.

British-born Faurisson was also a staunch defender of Marshal Philippe Petain, the Vichy French leader who collaborated with Nazi occupiers of the country during World War II.

He “had just returned from England when he collapsed in the hallway of his home in Vichy” on Sunday evening, his sister Yvonne Schleiter told AFP.

A former professor of French literature at the University of Lyon, Faurisson maintained that the gas chambers in Auschwitz were the “biggest lie of the 20th century”, saying deported Jews died instead of disease and malnutrition.

He also contested the authenticity of the diary of Anne Frank, the Dutch girl who managed to hide with her family from the Nazis for years before being caught and sent to concentration camps.

After France passed a law in 1990 making Holocaust denial a crime, Faurisson was repeatedly prosecuted and fined for his writings.

He was dismissed from his academic post in 1991.

Faurisson dedicated his life to truth and justice, and despite the way the Jews have smeared him, he will be remembered for what he was: a hero of the people and a champion of Western civilization.

Jean-Marie Le Pen has issued a statement on his death, which is only being covered by the Jews.

The JC:

Jean-Marie Le Pen, who founded the far-right National Front party, said he had fought for free expression.

“Faurisson is a symbol of the way free speech has been criminalised in this county,” Mr Le Pen said in a statement after his death was announced.

“The State went through great lengths to silence Faurisson for decades.”

The Jews are the only group of people ever in all of history who successfully passed laws making it illegal to accuse them of lying.

But Faurisson fought on, valiantly, despite repeatedly being prosecuted and harassed and beaten up by Jews for telling the truth about the lie of the goofy Nazi gas chambers.

While many of the so-called “deniers” have faltered and walked back their truthful statements under pressure from the Jews, Faurisson never did.

He kept it real until his last breath.

Along with his attacks on the Jews’ lies about history, he also had some very relevant commentary on their lying media operation, which certainly speaks to our present situation.

Here is a video of him speaking in English.

And here is a thing he did in 2014 with the self-hating Jew Gilad Atzmon.

Rest in peace.