High School Principal FIRED After Demanding Student Take Off Trump Shirt

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
October 15, 2018

High school students love Trump.

Our Trump hats have been under unrelenting assault for some time now.

People are getting their Trump swag swiped by seditious SWPLs. It’s disgraceful. Now it’s even spreading to other Trump-themed articles of clothing.

But these crimes are no longer being tolerated – even when committed by figures of authority.

Daily Caller:

A North Carolina high school principal was replaced after she asked a student to take off his Trump jersey at a patriotic-themed football game.

I need one of those.

Cindy Gordon, the former principal at Harnett Central High School, asked Matthew Collins, 18, to remove the jersey because it was political, according to WRAL Friday. The front of the jersey read “USA” in red, white and blue and the back of the shirt had the word “Trump” with the number “45” written below.

Gordon informed Collins that some parents were complaining about the shirt and he had to take it off in order to stay at the game, according to the son’s father Michael Collins, WRAL reported. Matthew Collins left the game that day.

Students were encouraged to dress patriotically for the school’s football game on Oct. 5, according to ABC11 on Wednesday.

What could be more patriotic than Trump apparel?

“As long as the expression does not disrupt, and is not reasonably expected to disrupt, the educational mission of the school system, these rights include wearing clothing expressing political messages or supporting political candidates,” Harnett County school district spokeswoman Natalie Ferrell said, ABC11 reported.

Michael Collins, who is a registered Democrat, said the shirt was not meant to promote President Donald Trump.

“We’re not promoting Donald Trump,” Michael Collins said to ABC11. “He’s our president. Again you’ve got to respect your president.”

Catherine Jones, who is the current principal at Harnett Primary, was named as Gordon’s replacement, according to a press release from Harnett County Schools Friday. Dunn Middle School Assistant Principal Calvetta Dunkins will serve as the interim principal at the primary school.

“Again, we want to emphasize that Harnett County Schools supports and affirms students’ rights to express themselves — including wearing clothing expressing political messages or supporting political candidates or officeholders — in ways that are not expected to disrupt school or school events,” the statement said.

It is not mentioned whether Gordon is still employed with the school district.

I hate to use the old “double standard” bit, but can you imagine if someone had been asked to remove a “Obama” t-shirt at a football game a few years ago?

It’s such an absurd notion that it’s unthinkable.

The left is so deranged, they’re treating Trump’s name as a word of power – a word that should never be uttered, let alone written.

“He who shall not be named.”

They’re trying to equate supporting Trump (the elected President of our country) with being some kind of troublemaker or deviant. It’s totally insane and unprecedented.

But it’s great news that people are getting arrested or fired over this. Shitlibs are going to have to start thinking twice before persecuting people wearing Trump hats and shirts from now on.

In fact, in the not-so-distant future, it’s those who fail to wear Trump clothing who’ll start getting into trouble:

Officer: What’s going on, here? Why aren’t you wearing a MAGA hat? Are you some kind of terrorist?

Shitlib: N-no, officer, I-I just left it at the dry cleaner yesterday, h-haha…

Officer: Good. Always keep it in pristine condition. Don’t let me catch you again without it though, alright?

Shitlib: H-haha, of course! Thank you for the warning…

Soon, you traitor scum… Soon…