Hillary Attempting to Jew-Over Trump with Horrible Debate Time Slot (Up Against NFL!)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 1, 2016


People do not like Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign strategy is to involve as little Hillary Clinton in the campaign as possible. Instead, they push the idea of Hillary Clinton as an archetype of female empowerment. Because Hillary Clinton is a horrible, hated figure, while apparently the concept of being ruled over by a wise granny figure is appealing to a large percentage of the population.

She is attempting not simply to hide her disgusting personality (or lack thereof) and all of her criminal scandals, but also to hide all of her positions on issues, which, excluding abortion, immigration and gun control, are extremely unpopular with her own liberal base (bank deregulation, free trade, endless war, etc.).

This is why she does very, very few television interviews and hasn’t done a press conference in – let me check – 241 days.

hillary seizure

The Clinton strategy is in fact the diametric opposite of the Trump strategy, which is based on non-stop visibility. Although a certain portion of the population (women, cucked faggots) is always going to dislike his personality, given that he is an aggressive alpha male, his positions on the issues can’t be argued against using logic, and so maximum exposure is always good for him.

These opposing strategies are being highlighted in the present controversy over the debate schedule. Hillary Clinton is trying to get the debates to compete against NFL football games, which are the most watched programs on American television, and thus minimize the audience. Trump, of course, wants them scheduled on a day and time where the audience is as large as possible.

Fox News:

The Commission on Presidential Debates on Sunday issued another statement in an apparent effort to end criticism by Donald Trump’s campaign about two of the events being scheduled during televised NFL games — and suggested Trump is fighting a losing battle.

“It is impossible to avoid all sporting events, and there have been nights on which debates and games occurred in most election cycles,” the commission wrote. “A debate has never been rescheduled as a result.”

Two of the three debates scheduled in September and October will be televised during NFL games.

On Sept. 26, the night of the first debate, ESPN will carry the Monday night game featuring the Falcons vs. the Saints. On Oct. 9, the second debate will air opposite the Sunday night game featuring the Giants vs. the Packers on NBC.

The Packers are from Wisconsin, which is a swing-state, and the Giants are from New York, a blue state which Trump is trying to win.


Both games are relatively big, and will be a draw to people from all over the country.

(Yo, my fellow Americans – over half of our audience is non-American! This stuff needs explained!)

The commission said officials started working on the debate scheduled more than 18 months ago to identify potential scheduling conflicts with religious and federal holidays, baseball league playoff games, NFL games and other events.

“The CPD believes the dates for the 2016 debates will serve the American public well,” the commission also said.

Trump said Saturday that the football league complained in a letter to him about the debate schedule.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy acknowledged Saturday that the league would like at least one of the debates rescheduled but tweeted: “We did not send a letter to Mr Trump.”

The issue follows criticism that the Democratic National Committee intentionally scheduled primary debates on a Saturday night to minimize audiences as a way of protecting frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

And recently leaked emails show that the DNC indeed intended to undermine the campaign of Clinton primary rival Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“You know, Hillary Clinton wants to be against the NFL,” Trump told ABC’s “This Week,” “maybe like she did with Bernie Sanders, where they were on Saturday nights when nobody’s home.”

Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort seemed to suggested on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that the dates are still being negotiated.

(This clip also has the latest Paki clip, which we’ll have more about later today.)

Here’s TOP SHITLORD Prebius on Face the Nation discussing the NFL scheduling scandal.

It is a wholly documented fact that Hillary Jewed-over Bernie hard as part of an outright conspiracy with the DNC. And a part of that was the dirty trick of scheduling the debate when the fewest possible people would see it.

They are trying the same dirty trick, because the old seize bitch’s trick bag is low on tricks these days.