Hillary Back on the Campaign Trail, Says Bill did Nothing Wrong Doing Sex with Intern

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 15, 2018


Did not see this one coming.

Hillary was just asked about Bill’s sex with intern Monica Lewinsky – and she said he should “absolutely not” have resigned, and that it was not an abuse of power. She said “she was an adult.”

She also said that she was correct in criticizing the women who accused Bill of rape.

So now – okay.

Hold up here a second.

I don’t really disagree with her, necessarily.

I don’t believe in this whole “dynamics of power” gibberish, or that there is “no way for a woman to consent” to a relationship with someone in a power position over her in the workplace.

But this is the exact opposite of what the current Democrat narrative is – “all women are victims of all men and to deny their victimhood is an attack on all women.”

But look – I understand that there is a double-standard, and that Hillary doesn’t believe that there is going to be any backlash over these sorts of statements because the media won’t push it and no one on the left is really bothered by their own hypocrisy anyway.

But even considering that: what could possibly be the point of Hillary going out there and saying something like this? What could be the point of her going out there at all?

The Democrats keep saying they’re expecting to win “suburban women” (a codeword for “married white women”) who voted for Trump – so if that’s the swing vote, then how can Hillary going out there and saying this possibly help anything?

Hillary Clinton is probably the most unpopular figure in the history of American politics. The logical thing would be to simply leave her out of the media completely during this very precarious time for the Party.

What is going on here? Are they simply unable to stop her? Or are they so stupid as to believe this is a good strategy?