Hillary Personally Came Up with Infantile “Donald Duck” Idea – Evidence of Highly Illegal PAC Coordination

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 24, 2016

The latest Project Veritas video reveals a series of flagrant FEC violation by Hillary Clinton herself. In the film, Robert Creamer, Scott Foval, and others muse about the Donald Duck anti-Trump troll mascot being kind of dumb, but having to execute it because of an order from Clinton.

Donna Brazile and the Democratic National Convention appear to have shared management of these ducks with the Americans United For Change non-profit these journalists managed to infiltrate.


I remember seeing this mascot following Trump and Pence everywhere, and thinking “must be a bunch of older homos and female baby boomers coming up with this silly crap.” I get the same feeling every time I see a Geico commercial. Indeed, Hillary personally overrode everyone in this non-profit to get her Donald Duck.

As for Donna Brazile, I’m in awe at how this 65 IQ Negro managed to become the lead monkey of the Democratic party. Someone like Michelle Obama you can argue is a smart black man, but putting this mouth breathing ape in charge of fielding tough questions and coordinating illegal stuff must be as nerve wracking for Hillary as realizing your airline pilot’s name is Muhammad Abdul.

Watch her in action:

Like I said before, we need more affirmative action in our corrupt Zionist government. Not surprising that they’re getting caught for all the dirty things they’ve been doing all this time.