Himmler: The Decent One

Benjamin Garland
Daily Stormer
May 4, 2015

Here is a pretty good new documentary on Himmler from the BBC. It’s based around notes that were liberated from his house after the war.

Surprisingly enough, it doesn’t seem to have much of an political message at all (the Holohoax is barely even mentioned until the last minute), and is actually a joy to watch.

For the most part, it presents a very human, mature, serious, courageous and intelligent Himmler. Instead of the usual creepy, ominous music and over-psychoanalyzation of inane details, it’s actually mostly just sweet letters between him and family (which, by the way, puts an abrupt end to this argument that Daily Stormer’s position on gender roles is somehow different than that of the National Socialists), set to a lot of great imagery (including an awesome anti-Jew cartoon, which I want).

The Daily Mail was as perplexed as me at this seemingly sympathetic portrayal of a Nazi. Except they were angry about it, while I was quite elated.

LOL: Aside From the Mass Murder, Was Himmler a Decent Chap?

I can’t imagine someone who hates Nazis even enjoying this, or why the HeBeBC even produced it, but for those of us who love Nazis, it’s a real gem (minus the last minute or so).