Holohoaxers Demanding More Money for Fake Suffering

John Friend
December 1, 2013

The Jewish financial and sympathy racket known as the “Holocaust” never ends, as the Jewish Telegraph Agency recently reminded us:

Picture 1Breakfast costs Dov Jakobovitz $2. Lunch costs him $2.25. Both are served in the public old-age home in south Tel Aviv where he lives. But the food is not to his liking.

Jakobovitz longs for the dishes he ate as a child in Transylvania — gefilte fish, goulash, chicken wings — rather than the rice-and-salad fare more typical of the Israeli diet. A restaurant he enjoys in the center of the city serves such Ashkenazi fare, but he can’t afford it. For dinner, he eats leftovers from lunch.

But Jakobovitz knows it could be worse. Born in the Romanian town of Satmar in 1928, Jakobovitz was deported with his family to Auschwitz at age 14. The memory of watching his mother sent to the left in the selection line, to the gas chambers, still haunts him.

“In the concentration camp, we ate the shavings of carrots and vegetables,” he recalls. “We had wooden shoes. We ate from our hands, from our hat. We’d be satisfied with enough to eat from that. That was in Auschwitz.”

Jakobovitz made it to prestate Israel in 1947 and was immediately drafted into the Haganah, the Zionist military organization. He fought in Israel’s 1948 War of Independence and in the 1967 Six-Day War. Today he can’t meet basic monthly expenses.

He receives $1,200 every three months in reparations from the German government and another $120 per month from Israel, but it’s not enough. Jakobovitz skimps on buying medicine to save money. He doesn’t buy new clothes, and purchases only the cheapest shoes — they hurt his feet. Only rarely does he splurge on organized day trips for the elderly.

And he’s not alone.

A report this year by the Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel found that a majority of Israel’s 192,000 survivors are struggling economically. Another 40 percent report feeling “very lonely.” Two-thirds are unsatisfied with government assistance for survivors. And 92 percent feel the government doesn’t invest enough in their welfare. […]

On a daily basis, one can read articles in the Jewish press reinforcing the fake Jewish “Holocaust” story, in addition to all the other lies associated with WWII generally, in an effort to perpetuate the financial and emotional swindling of the entire world by organized Jewry.

Those poor, neglected “Holocaust survivors” (if Hitler wanted to “exterminate all the Jews,” why are there so many survivors, even to this day?) and the poor, persecuted Jewish people just never have enough money, enough sympathy, enough attention. “Holocaust” education is essentially mandatory in the Western world, not to mention the fact that this fabricated, totally inverted version of history is constantly reinforced in the mass media and “entertainment” complex. Virtually the entire world is subjected to this deceitful propaganda operation on a daily basis, all the while the real genocides and mass murders of history are ignored and forgotten about.

Truth be told, the Jews should be paying reparations to the victims of their crimes and mass murders, which include not only the Palestinian Christians and Arabs but also the Germans and other European peoples genocided by the Jewish Bolsheviks and Jewish controlled Western allies during and after WWII. The organized Jewish community and its puppets are themselves responsible for the real genocides of history – not Adolf Hitler and “those evil Nazis” during WWII.