Homeless Primate Identified as Suspect Who Murdered White Mother in 1972

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
May 1, 2019

Larry Joe Scott.

Blacks were acting like blacks 50 years ago, and they’ll still be acting like blacks 50 years from now.

We can’t educate them, we can’t civilize them and we certainly can’t transform them into humans.

All we can do is separate from them and leave them to their own devices, as nature intended.


The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office announced Tuesday that they have identified and arrested a man in connection with a murder that occurred nearly 50 years ago when a Benson woman disappeared while going to pick up her son from school.

“Today is a good day,” Sheriff Steve Bizzell said during an afternoon press conference. “Today is a great day for the Neighbors family.”

Larry Joe Scott, 65, has been charged with felony murder and first-degree kidnapping, authorities said.

Scott was being held in a Bradenton, Florida jail while awaiting extradition back to North Carolina, the sheriff said.

The suspect was said to be homeless in Florida at the time of his arrest. It was not immediately clear when he could be returned to Johnston County.

An arrest has long eluded investigators and it wasn’t until the recent advent of DNA that authorities were able to finally name a suspect and make an arrest, Bizzell said.

Bonnie Neighbors.