Hong Kong: Marauding Peaceful Rioters Burn Chinese Flag, Ransack the Mall

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 22, 2019

These CIA-backed peaceful protesters are violently rioting because they want the Hong Kong government to repeal the extradition law. They have a freedom right to go to Taiwan and murder their girlfriend and not have to face trial for that.

But the law is already repealed?

Well, they should have done it sooner.

Now – it’s peaceful democracy time, and everything will be burned to the ground, peacefully, for the sake of freedom.

Paul Joseph Watson is right.

We have to support a war against China so that these people can fuck each other up the ass without worrying about some red communist telling them they’re spreading disease.

American freedom and patriotism has always been about starting wars with other countries and forcing them to fuck each other up the ass. That’s what it means to be patriotic. It was the message of Ron Paul. Libertarianism means anal wars of revolutionary assfucking.