Hong Kong Police Find Explosives and Weapons Cache Held by Member of Banned Western-Backed Party!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 21, 2019

This is nuts!

Never in my life did I think the Chinese would have bombs and guns and plan for a revolution!

The Chinese!

Imagine it!


One person was arrested after Hong Kong police discovered a stash of explosives and weapons, stored along with banners and clothes bearing the emblem of the Hong Kong National Front (HKNF) party, in a raid on Friday night.

Police said Saturday a bomb disposal unit was called to a warehouse belonging to the pro-independence group to carry out a controlled detonation of the highly unstable substance tri-acetone tri-peroxide (TATP). A total of two kilograms (4.4 pounds) of TATP was discovered by the police, in addition to 10 incendiary devices, acidic substances, and sharp tools that could be used as weapons, the Hong Kong Free Press reported.

The HKNF acknowledged the arrest of one of its members, who was identified as a 27-year-old man, but denied any prior knowledge of the weapons haul, insisting the storage site was used exclusively for sound equipment and leaflets.

Police described the explosives as “extremely sensitive and extremely powerful” with the potential to inflict “exceptional amounts of damage when used” and the cache itself as the “largest seizure” in Hong Kong history. The HKNF is a small pro-independence party that calls for “armed resistance against the Communist China regime.”

Largest weapons cache in Hong Kong history isn’t saying much. That’s like the greatest sports team in Jewish history.

When you first see this story, you might think that the cops planted these explosives themselves in order to crack down on the recent protests. But there are a number of reasons that is very unlikely:

  • Chinese don’t really think like that
  • This is a totally separate group from the group protesting (although somewhat similar in objectives)
  • The party, started in 2016, was banned for publicly calling for armed revolution

What this is is just what it looks like – the CIA sending in weapons to stir up trouble and cause chaos for the Chinese.

This part is supported by the entire West – they whined when it was banned!

South China Morning Post, September 24, 2018:

A Hong Kong separatist party was officially banned by the government on Monday on national security grounds, with Secretary for Security John Lee Ka-chiu saying its willingness to use force meant its pro-independence calls could not be regarded as mere “political rhetoric”.

Instead, the Hong Kong National Party’s (HKNP) statements could potentially motivate followers to “cause violence and public disorder”, and this was a “compelling” reason to take preventive action against them, he said.

The ban, which took effect immediately when the government published a gazette notice on Monday morning, came 10 days after the party and its convenor, Andy Chan Ho-tin, submitted their case against being outlawed.

First, the party had tried to register as a company, with Chan then taking part in the Legislative Council election two years ago “to obtain more resources [and to allow it] the opportunity to be more noticed, so as to achieve its goal”.

The party also made plans to recruit members, infiltrate schools, advertise what it wanted to achieve and set up street booths to muster support.

“It has also made it very clear that it will make use of all means to achieve its goals, and this includes the option of using force; it has also used [the] term ‘armed revolution’.”

In a 20-page letter to Chan and party spokesman Jason Chow Ho-fai’s legal teams, Lee added the party had built ties with anti-China and pro-independence activists overseas, such as those fighting for independence for Tibet, Xinjiang, southern Mongolia and Taiwan.

Referring to Chan’s talk at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club (FCC), where he insisted separation was Hong Kong’s only option and called for US President Donald Trump to sanction China and the city, Lee said it was a strategy to “weaken China so that Hong Kong would stand a better chance of becoming independent”.

A US consulate spokesman did not refer to the HKNP in a statement issued on Monday evening, but described the Hong Kong government’s decision to ban “a political party” as inconsistent with freedom of expression and association. These were core values the US shared with Hong Kong and must be vigorously protected, he said.

Britain’s Foreign Office expressed its concern at the ban, adding: “The UK does not support Hong Kong independence, but Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy and its rights and freedoms are central to its way of life, and it is important they are fully respected.”

The European Union said the ban “limits freedom of expression and association, as well as political activity in Hong Kong, and risks having a wider negative impact”.

The EU talking about limiting free expression.

These people are just unbelievable.

You would almost think they were joking. But they say these things with a straight face. And the goyim will talk about how “Hong Kongese just want freedoms.” On the Daily Stormer, some guy showed up in the comments section and said the Hong Kongese protesting the extradition law were “fighting for freedom” and suggested that Chinese courts prosecute people who never committed any crime.

Why would they do that? What do they gain from it? What beneficial purpose would there be to prosecute people for no reason? Is the theory that they just want to fuck with people because they think it’s funny? That isn’t really a way to run a government.

Firstly, I refuse to grant the premise that the average person is particularly concerned about “freedom and democracy,” which is a euphemism for universal suffrage. Secondly, I refuse to grant all of these other premises that Jews state as if they are self-evident.

Any time that the media starts talking about how another government is abusing their own people, you need to simply accept that it is an obvious lie. No country purposefully abuses its own people for the sake of abuse, because most people are not naturally sadistic, and a country that does abuse its own people is going to have a regime change soon.

The one exception is probably modern white countries, where people have been systematically brainwashed into accepting abuse while believing they are not actually being abused, while the governments are in the process of bringing in foreign populations to rule over the natives. And the only reason we have these problems is that we have a xenocracy – a government run by aliens.

Blame the Jews

The weapons with the Independence Party are just like the anti-extradition protests. This is all a staged hoax, like any other color revolution around the world, coming at this very convenient time where the West is organizing to harass the Chinese.

All of this stuff is always funded from the West. Chinese people, above all, couldn’t even come up with the idea of a violent revolution without someone telling them to. And it would be pretty much impossible to smuggle bombs or guns into Hong Kong – they would have to have explicit help from the outside.

I hope they take the guy that was caught and extract the information about who he was working with from him. You wouldn’t be able to connect it back to Western intelligence, as they’re good at layers of deniability, but you’d get to the place where it was just obviously bizarre.

We need an investigation into what school this terrorist went to as well.

I think the Chinese should come out and say that it’s the West and Jews doing this stuff.

The West is about to start sending in Islamic terrorists while they’re in the middle of dealing with weird protests in Hong Kong and Taiwan increasing its militarism, along with military escalations by the West in the South China Sea and all of these trade wars.

China needs to wise-up quickly, because they are now in the cross-hairs.

With regards to the Hong Kong protests, Xinhua today blamed “external forces.”

South China Morning Post:

China’s main official news outlets have accused “extremists” of using the “chaos” and violence in Hong Kong to disrupt the country’s development in commentaries published late on Saturday, ahead of the latest rally against the now-suspended extradition bill on Sunday afternoon.

The tone of the commentaries – by Communist Party mouthpiece People’s Daily and state news agency Xinhua – focused on the need for protesters to avoid violence and followed a day of pro-Beijing, pro-police rallies in Hong Kong which organisers said drew 316,000 people on Saturday. Police estimated 103,000 attended at the peak of the event.

“A minority of people harbouring evil intentions, and external forces, not only never condemn the violence, but defend acts of violence … Under their agitation and conniving, violence by extremists has escalated,” Xinhua said.

“The mobs and the people behind them do not hesitate to undermine the peaceful life of citizens, and block the future development of the city … what they want to do is nothing less than to paralyse the [Special Administrative Region] government, undermine ‘one country, two systems’, struggle for governing control of the SAR, and to use chaos in Hong Kong to contain the overall development of China.”

This is a good start, but it is much too vague.

They need to start blaming the Jews.

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