Hong Kong Protesters March with American Flag, Throw Chinese Flag Into Water

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 4, 2019

While the New York Times of Israel is claiming that the PRC is forwarding a “conspiracy theory” when they state the obvious fact that the Hong Kong riots are being instigated by the US, the rioters themselves are waving American flags.

They’re also marching with a “colonial British-era Hong Kong flag.”

It is only a matter of time before they start waving the Israeli flag.

They’re also writing their graffiti in English (with Chinese subtitles).

It’s almost like after the Chinese government came out and said this was a Western hoax (something I advised them to do), the rioters wanted to send a message like “yeah, no shit.”


On one end of a Hong Kong street, protesters dressed in black ducked behind umbrellas and makeshift barricades, occasionally throwing bricks or slinging rocks. On the other end, police decked out in riot gear shouted warnings and fired tear gas.

As the late hours of Saturday stretched into the early hours of Sunday, neither side budged.

Standoffs between demonstrators and authorities have become a weekly occurrence in Hong Kong, a semi-autonomous Chinese territory that has been roiled by a summer of fiery protest. What began as demonstrations against a now-suspended extradition bill has ballooned into a broader call for greater democratic freedoms and government accountability.

Members of the movement have demanded the resignation of Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam. As with all the city’s chief executives, Lam was not elected by the general population but rather chosen by a committee dominated by pro-Beijing elites.

When Britain returned Hong Kong to China in 1997, the city was promised certain freedoms under the framework of “one country, two systems,” creating a distance between the territory and the Communist Party-ruled central government on the mainland. In recent years, however, some Hong Kong residents have accused Beijing of chipping away at their democratic rights as booksellers and activists have been arrested. The proposed extradition legislation would have allowed Hong Kong residents to be sent to the mainland to stand trial.

An undercurrent of fear toward the Communist Party has propelled the nearly two months of protests. After protesters defied police orders to end their Saturday march at a pre-approved time and place, some scaled a flagpole near the iconic Victoria Harbour, removed from it the Chinese national flag, and flung the flag into the water.

Shortly afterward, a 38-year-old protester named Paladin Cheng planted himself beside the poles with his own set of flags, which read “Hong Kong Independence.”

As the standoffs dragged on, police also blocked local residents and tourists from returning to their homes and hotels. A mainland Chinese tourist surnamed Wang said he thought the protesters were naive.

“It’s impossible for one country, two systems to last,” said Wang, a retired police officer. “Sooner or later, they will rejoin China, and our government will deal with them.”

This is all completely disgusting, and I just can’t hardly take it anymore.

This hoax not only pushes us ever closer to a serious conflict with China, but it also undermines any attempt by Donald Trump to negotiate better trade deals. If in the midst of trying to negotiate a deal, your country goes into the other country and starts fomenting mass riots, you have lost whatever ground you stood on in the negotiations.

The entire purpose of this event is obviously to get the Chinese to go into Hong Kong and put the protests down with military force. So far China has been resisting this. But I’m not even really sure they should.

It is obvious that the next fake revolution the West does in China is going to be among their Islamic minority, and that is going to be a lot more brutal.

China has a border with Pakistan.

And the US State Department of Mike Pompeo absolutely will ship ISIS across that border. They might even be able to do it across the very wide Kazakhstan border.

And that is not going to be pretty. They won’t be able to play “hands off, just let them riot so we don’t look bad on the world stage” with the Moslems, because they will be doing serious terrorism.

If I were the Chinese, I would establish a hardline stance against foreign meddling right now and roll tanks into Hong Kong.

Because the Moslems are going to gain much more sympathy from the kike media and sickening fat white women than the Hong Kongese are gaining now.