Hong Kong: Retard Falls Off Garage and Dies, Called a Martyr; Traitor Politicians Arrested

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 9, 2019

“Our martyr is the retard who fell off the garage!”

The media continues to report this crap in a hysterical fashion.

But still, no one in the west cares. No matter how many paid influencers promote this crap.

Even the sadistic homosexual weirdo Paul Joseph Watson has moved on from trying to provoke a war in China in order to try to subvert Nick Fuentes.

New York Post:

A government clampdown in Hong Kong led to the arrest of three pro-democracy lawmakers and summonses issued for four more, the day after the death of a student injured during the ongoing protests.

Protesters held multiple vigils for “martyrs” and many demanded revenge for the death of 22-year-old Chow Tsz-Lok, who fell off a parking garage on Monday after police fired tear gas to force demonstrators to disperse, according to Reuters.

Police said the three lawmakers were detained Saturday and charged with obstructing the local assembly during a rowdy meeting on May 11 over the extradition bill that sparked the protest movement, now in its 24th week, The Associated Press reported. The others received summons to turn up at police stations Saturday to face arrest.

Imagine calling someone a martyr because they fell off a parking garage. That’s like if when Paul Joseph Watson goes there to invoke violence, he kills a twink (Buffalo Bill style) and they call the dead twink a “martyr.”


They also include anyone who killed themselves during this period as a “martyr.” Even though Asians kill themselves all the time and it was probably unrelated to the riots.

Arresting the traitors is a good move.

They should arrest all the leaders of the CIA fake revolution and just hold them until the riots stop. That is the easiest solution here.

The funniest solution, however, is to just start running people over with tanks.