Hong Kong Terrorists Hold Up a Meme of Donald Trump as Rocky

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 1, 2019

US President Donald Trump tweeted this the other day:

Then less than a day later, you had this in Hong Kong:

Trump posting the tweet was a funny thing.

People were asking “why” he posted it. Obviously he posted it because it is funny, but I’m sure he also posted it to mess with the media.

The fact that they were saying it was “unclear” why he posted it demonstrates how out of touch they are.

The Washington Post referred to the meme as a “doctored photo,” instead of a “meme” or a “photoshop” or whatever, implying that it was some kind of hoax being perpetrated on the public regarding Donald Trump’s physique, rather than a silly joke.

The Trump campaign then said that the claim was made “without evidence.”

And Newsweek was confused as to whether this was a joke.

So basically, with a cartoon that was made for a laugh, Trump was able to manipulate the media by using their greatest weakness, which is their utter humorlessness and an apparent autistic inability to grasp humor.

The Hong Kong terrorists are using the meme for the purpose of manipulating Donald Trump’s own weakness, which is his ego.

Make ye no mistake: the entire Hong Kong terrorist revolt is being run by the CIA and the US State Department, for the purpose of sowing unrest in China and driving a wedge between China and the US as part of a long-term war agenda against them.

And the CIA is not as stupid as the media.

Trump originally said that the terrorist movement in China was “an internal matter,” and refused to comment on it further, basically signaling to the Chinese leadership that he doesn’t have control over US intelligence services.

Then, eventually, after months, he was bullied into signing a “declaration of support” for these violent animals.

This is the price you must pay for democracy! 

There is a pattern where Trump supports people who say nice things about him. And holding up the posters of him as Rocky from the meme is definitely an attempt to appeal to his ego, and get him to go further in his support for the terrorist movement.

No aspect of this revolution is organic, it is all part of a plan, and sucking Trump into it is part of that plan.