Hong Kong: Terrorists March to US Consulate, Demand America Start a War with China!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 8, 2019

Paul Joseph Watson and other neocon shills were claiming that this wasn’t yet another neocon war hoax, but was in fact simply a bunch of terrorists rioting for freedom of their anuses.


Here they are with their American flags, demanding that Donald Trump declare war on China to liberate them from the oppressions and give them the freedoms once and for all.


Protests calling on US President Donald Trump to intervene in the ongoing Hong Kong political standoff escalated rapidly Sunday, with marchers setting fire to a barricade outside a subway station entrance in the city’s business district.

Earlier in the day, tens of thousands of protesters waving US flags marched on Hong Kong’s US Consulate to call for help from the Trump administration in ending a three-month confrontation with the government.

The march began in the Chater Garden public park in Central before heading to the consulate as part of the 14th straight weekend of public demonstrations in the Asian financial hub.

In a letter which protesters planned to presented to consulate officials, the group calls for the passing of the proposed “Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act 2019” by the US Congress.

One banner carried at the march read “President Trump, please liberate Hong Kong” in English. Some marchers sang the US national anthem as they moved towards the consulate.

“We share the same US values of liberty and democracy,” 30-year-old banker David Wong said. “USA is a country of democracy. Donald Trump is elected by his people. We want this.”

The protests began peacefully but rapidly deteriorated into violence and vandalism over the afternoon, after police appeared to arrest a number of people in the busy Central subway station.

Protesters erected a barricade at one of the subway exits before being setting it on fire. Other exits had their glass windows smashed or defaced with graffiti.

Peaceful protesters, goyim.

Just rioting, burning everything, and appealing to a foreign government to invade their country.

I hope some of you have learned something from this.

In particular, that these people on the internet are pieces of shit, they are liars.

If you see people pushing for a revolution in a foreign country and talking about “oh they just want freedom,” that is always a push for the US to be involved in a conflict. There is no situation where a neocon revolution is in a vacuum.

You saw all of these shills come out. You saw them even here, on my own forums, these CIA shills pushing for a war against China because they just feel really emotional when they think of the importance of democracy for the Chinese.

And all of that has been leading up to these rioters in Hong Kong demanding a US invasion.

Hopefully you also learn that Daily Stormer was right again.

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