Hong Kong Terrorists Tell American Media They’re Planning Bombings

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 14, 2019

The terrorist revolutionaries in Hong Kong have been severely emboldened by the US government’s publicly proclaimed support for their violent, unclear agenda.

A recent long piece from Reuters entitled “For hardened teens of the Hong Kong protests, violence is a way forward,” features revolutionaries casually talking about planning bombings and shipping in rifles, while fantasizing about the US military invading Hong Kong to aid them in their vicious quest for whatever it is they’re after.

The piece includes interviews with several teenagers who are involved in fighting the cops, but focuses on one called “Fiona,” who is 16, and only became interested in revolutionary terrorism after watching a YouTube video.

On weekends, Fiona, who has a cartoon sticker of Cinderella on the back of her iPhone, usually went shopping with girlfriends from high school. They looked for new outfits. They chatted and had tea together.

But when Fiona saw the news that more than 3,000 Hong Kong lawyers dressed in black had marched against the proposed extradition bill on June 6, she wondered what was going on.

She clicked through YouTube on her cell phone. She stopped on a Cantonese-language video uploaded about a week before by a young, handsome guy – hair cropped close on the sides and in a sort of thick flop on top – sitting on the edge of a bed. The video was speeded up so the presenter spoke in a fast blur, delivering on what he billed as, “Extradition bill 6 minute summary for dummies.”

The idea of the bill, on its face, wasn’t a problem, the young man said – public safety and rules are important. The issue was that the judiciary in the mainland and the judiciary in Hong Kong are two totally different things.

The Chinese Communist Party, he said, might use this new linkage between the court systems to come after ordinary people who were exercising their freedom of speech, something protected in Hong Kong but not Beijing: “You may be extradited to China because of telling a joke.”

Fiona was alarmed.

She then decided to go out and start rioting in the streets and throwing firebombs at the cops.

If you think that a YouTube video saying that “maybe they’ll extradite us for speech” is a relatively vague reason for deciding to become a terrorist, you’re not wrong.

You might also think that before becoming a terrorist, she would maybe look into the law further, and see that it only applied to crimes committed in mainland China or Taiwan. Meaning that it would be illegal for the Mainland to extradite someone for speech in Hong Kong, in the same way that it was illegal to do that before. (Note: The extradition law was completely withdrawn in September, but they’re still rioting and actually escalating the violence.)

The reason that the law was introduced was that a Hong Kongese man killed his pregnant girlfriend in Taiwan and stuffed her in a suitcase, and then fled to Hong Kong, and they said he couldn’t be extradited. They were trying to close the “murder your girlfriend” loophole.

Hopped up on Kool-Aid from a handsome fast-talking YouTuber – who was no doubt somehow connected to one of the US State Department’s institutions – Fiona joined the protests, and got an adrenaline rush.

Just a few days after her YouTube awakening, on June 9, she took the subway with a group of friends from high school over to Hong Kong island. The crowd filled the march’s meeting point, Victoria Park, and soon flooded outside its boundaries. Between the glimmering towers of commerce, they yelled: “Fight for freedom! Stand with Hong Kong!” They yelled: “No China extradition! No evil law!” Fiona was astonished. She couldn’t believe so many people had shown up.

The swell of the crowd, the boom and crash of its noise, was adrenaline and inspiration – “all of us were having the same aim,” Fiona said.

And that really speaks to the heart of what is propelling this: teenagers are getting an adrenaline rush after being given an excuse to riot by CIA-funded propaganda.

(We might pause to note the irony of a Chinese terrorist literally being radicalized on YouTube, in light of YouTube’s latest crackdown on white people.)

Fiona explains that she is ready to die for the cause of… is it free speech? We don’t really know.

The article attempts to explain what exactly it is that is driving the protests. The authors do the best they can, but there really isn’t anything to explain.

Vaguely, it appears that they want to return to being a colony of Britain. Which is really confusing to me, because I was taught in school that the British Empire was the third most evil thing in history, just after the Holocaust and slavery.

The stakes for the kids of Hong Kong go well beyond a moment of geopolitical standoff. When Britain passed the city to China, like a pearl slipping from the hand of one merchant to another, there was a written understanding that for 50 years Hong Kong would enjoy a great deal of autonomy. Known as “one country, two systems,” the agreement suspended some of the blow of a global finance center coming under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party. The deal expires in 2047. For Fiona, this means that in her lifetime she will live not in the freewheeling city to which she was born, but, quite possibly, in a place that’s just another dot on the map of China.

Chants at marches revolve around five protester demands, such as universal suffrage, with “Not one less!” the automatic refrain. But conversations soon turn to a larger, more difficult topic at the root of their complaints. China.

During interviews with more than a dozen protesters at Polytechnic and another university besieged at the same time, and continued contact with many of them in the weeks that followed, the subject sprang up repeatedly. It’s never far, they said, the shadow of Beijing over the Hong Kong government’s policies.

“They’re all involved with this shit,” said Lee, who gave only her last name. The 20-year-old nursing student covered her mouth after the obscenity, embarrassed to have said it out loud in the middle of a cafe, and quickly continued. “Of course China is the big boss behind this.”

Note that the “this” in that sentence is never explained.

I guess she means that the Mainland is behind sending police to stop them from breaking the windows of shops.

Burning Christmas trees in malls.

And setting old nationalists on fire.

Of course, this has been going on for months, and it has only been local Hong Kong police following these children around and cleaning up after their little tantrums.

If China is going to take over Hong Kong, we will lose our freedoms, we will lose our rights as humans,” she said. Police had taken down her information when she surrendered outside Polytechnic University. She didn’t yet know whether that would lead to an arrest on rioting charges, which could bring up to 10 years of prison.

It is just impossible not to recognize this as standard CIA propaganda, marketed to peasants in enemy countries to cause these sorts of revolts.

What are these “freedoms” and “human rights”?

China has a very developed justice system. It doesn’t suffer from the endemic corruption that white Western justice systems suffer from. It is more strict on some things, but it is much more lenient on other things.

But these people are talking about freedom of speech – while literally flying American flags!

Excluding Germany, there is not a single country on earth where speech is more restricted than in the United States of America.

In America, you are very likely to be completely silenced for:

  • Opposing feminism
  • Opposing homosexuality
  • Opposing transsexualism
  • Opposing abortion
  • Opposing mass immigration
  • Denying that people died at Sandy Hook
  • Questioning the official narrative of the Holocaust
  • Questioning anything that Jews do
  • Questioning anything that an individual Jew does
  • Being against the behavior of individual Jews
  • Supporting the Chinese government against the Hong Kong rioters

That last one is very funny, no? It is absolute absurdism, in fact. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have completely banned any support for mainland China, or any opposition to these terrorist rioters.

Because it is against American speech regulations to question rioters demanding that American-style speech freedoms remain in place in Hong Kong – 28 years from now.

As the regular reader is aware, this very site you are reading is banned from using every single American web service, as well as all American financial services. Much of our infrastructure is Chinese.

It should also be noted that while being systematically silenced on the internet and attacked on the streets by Antifa (who are defended by cops who then refuse to prosecute them under any circumstances) are the most common forms of silencing views unpopular with the government in America, you also may be sued for millions of dollars for your speech or railroaded into jail or prison on trumped-up charges by corrupt courts. The illusion of “free speech” in America is as thin as tissue paper.

China doesn’t have the tissue-thin veneer of freedom of speech, and states the honest fact that they don’t allow all forms of speech. But they allow orders of magnitude more speech than the United States allows.

While the above list of forms of speech that are de facto banned in the United States is far from exhaustive, in China, you are restricted from:

  • Criticizing the government

And, once again, citizens of Hong Kong will have the right to do that for another 28 years.

The article goes on to show that the rioters are considering bombings.

“In my view, violence is the thing that protects us,” Lee said. “It is a warning to those, like the police, who think they can do anything to us.”

The acceptance of violence isn’t limited to the barricades. Joshua Wong, the global face of the movement’s lobbying efforts, said he understood the need for protesters “to defend themselves with force.”

As Wong spoke during an interview in Hong Kong on Wednesday, the headline on the front page of the South China Morning Post on the table next to his elbow read: “BOMB PLOTTERS ‘INTENDED TO TARGET POLICE AT MASS RALLY’”

If a group of protesters had indeed planned to bomb police, would that have been a step too far?

“I think the fundamental issue,” he said, “is we never can prove which strategy is the most effective or not-effective way to put pressure on Beijing.”

Joshua Wong is the leader of the protests. He regularly travels to the US to meet with high level federal government officials.

He goes to the US embassy in Hong Kong to coordinate riot strategy.

He even met with the White Helmets, a US-backed terrorist group that operates in Syria, and Jew Vitali Klitchko, a leader of the US-backed Maidan terrorist revolution in the Ukraine who is now the mayor of Kiev under the revolutionary government.

(Also of note is that State Department backed neo-Nazi terrorists from the Ukraine, who helped install a completely Jewish government there, flew to Hong Kong to help those terrorists. It’s just a big friendly club.)

Wong is publicly saying he is considering bombings.

And he is allowed to walk around free in Hong Kong, as an open agent of a foreign government, leading a terrorist movement that flies the flag of a foreign government, as he and his rioters claim that the Mainland is oppressing them and taking their freedoms.

Another terrorist interviewed by Reuters had recently been arrested for rioting, but the allegedly oppressive cops released him almost immediately and allowed him to return to the streets to riot.

He is now giving interviews telling the Western media that he is planning bombings and to attack cops to steal their guns and use them to overthrow the government.

Two weeks after his arrest, Pak had shown up ready to protest again. A march was slated to start in a couple hours. He’d taken a bus down from one of Hong Kong’s poorest districts, with a black backpack that held his dark clothes and mask.

The lesson of the elections, he said, was that most Hong Kong citizens not only back the protests but “accept the violence level.” Otherwise, he said, they would have rebuked the reform ticket and cast their lot with pro-government candidates.

“I think,” he said, “the violence of the protesters needs to upgrade to setting off bombs.”

He’d been reading about the Russian Revolution and Vladimir Lenin. If he saw irony in studying the architect of the Soviet communist dictatorship while contemplating his own fight against the world’s preeminent Communist Party, he didn’t say so.

“The protesters, I think, will need some weapons, like rifles,” he said.

If it wasn’t possible to buy them, he said, it seemed easy enough to ransack police cars or even stations to steal them. He described how that could be done.

This individual, Pak, also said that he believes that the US or the British (who had formerly colonized him as part of the third most evil event in all of human history) might invade China in order to protect Hong Kong rioters who are fighting for the freedoms and human rights they believe they may lose in 28 years from now.

He said this when talking about his plan to use rifles he steals from cops to shoot at the Chinese military.

“I think they are testing us. If we attack the PLA, the PLA can shoot us and say, ‘OK, we were defending ourselves,’” Pak said. “If we don’t attack the PLA, they will cross the line, again and again.”

But, he said, if the protesters continued ramping up violence against the cops, maybe the PLA would be called in. And that, he said, would hand the protest movement victory.

“Other countries like [the] British and America can protect human rights in Hong Kong by sending troops to protect us,” he said.

Again with the human rights.

Which, as far as I can tell, are these theoretical human rights losses in 28 years.

This is All Insane

All of this is simply a completely astroturfed hoax revolution. It is 100% incited by agents of the US State Department and the CIA who are educated and trained in revolutionary tactics at American-run universities. It is backed up by money being poured in through the State Department’s National Endowment for Democracy, which I have written about in detail.

They are using emotional propaganda on the internet to incite teenagers into getting an adrenaline rush by fighting the cops, and feeling that they are doing something meaningful, for democracy, or something.

This is how the US government operates. They manipulate the entire world in the most ridiculous ways in order to push for a globalist, one world government agenda, under their system of democracy.

You are really able to understand the depth of this hoax when you realize that the old people in Hong Kong are all against it. The people who actually lived under the British are not interested in going back to that, they are proud of their race and they are happy to be reunited with their nation.

There were huge celebrations when the reunification happened in 1997.

The riots are not a real thing. There is no real sentiment there. There is not even a seed of truth to any of it. It is pure meddling by the West, for the purpose of destabilizing China and ultimately forcing them to become a part of the global Jewish empire.

That’s all.

Never Forget That Paul Joseph Watson Aggressively Promoted This CIA Operation

Everyone needs to remember, forever, that Paul Joseph Watson, a British homosexual and a former employee of Alex Jones, aggressively promoted this CIA terrorist operation in China.

This is a person who claims to be anti-interventionist and anti-globalist, yet he told his hundreds of thousands of followers to support what might be the most pivotal globalist operation of the decade.

Paul Joseph Watson is not stupid. And I’m well aware that he reads this website, as he copies my material on a nearly weekly basis (and removes any mention of Jews, of course).

Watson literally traveled to Hong Kong to support the violence there.

He knew this was a CIA operation – everyone who even glances at it and has any idea how any of this stuff works knows that – but aggressively shilled it into the online right-wing on purpose anyway.

Largely due to his influence – apparently – low information and/or low IQ people throughout the right-wing began shilling for the CIA. It was utterly bizarre and I flipped my desk over.

I don’t know why Watson did this. As a homosexual, he may simply want to open up China to homosexuality (it is illegal there now). Or he may have some other agenda. Whatever the agenda is, it is evil.

People need to be careful with this guy. Nick Fuentes, I’m looking in your direction, buddy. It’s okay to retweet him and get some support, or whatever – I guess – but understand that he has an evil agenda, whatever that agenda may be. And remember the thing about deals with the devil.

We know too well where the Faustian spirit leads.