Honorary Aryan Anime Director BTFOs the Kikes, Insults Anne Frank and the Shoah Business

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 1, 2018

Oh man, I try not to be too tolerant or open-minded, but I just can’t bring myself to hate the Japs too much.

They give so much back to the world in the form of anime, worship and glorification of White culture and unrepentant racism towards darkies.

But now they’re branching out into anti-Semitism, which is great news.

Sora News:

Tweets made by Kazuyoshi Yaginuma, director of the anime Recovery of an MMO Junkie, claim that the Holocaust and Diary of Anne Frank, among other things, are fabrications.

Recent tweets by @yaginuma_san, apparently the account used by anime director Kazuyoshi Yaginuma, have been the latest to stir the controversy pot. Though he has apparently been tweeting anti-Semitic content in Japanese for years, he has begun tweeting his thoughts in English in a series of posts over the last several weeks, as well. His tweets were posted in Japanese with English translations, or just in English, although some translations are somewhat inaccurate or unintelligible, likely the result of Google Translate.

So what did this based nip have to say?

Some of the tweets question the legitimacy of the Holocaust and the real reasoning for World War II, all while seeming to sympathize with the Axis powers, specifically Nazi Germany. In the thread that started with the above tweet, Yaginuma wonders how the gas chambers could have worked. What kind of technology at the time could have possibly been capable of such a thing, he asks, as well as why, if so many people experienced it, there no pictures or drawings. He asks for someone to draw him a picture of the gas chamber, believing that no one can. Other netizens promptly direct him to documentaries and pictures in historical archives.


But that doesn’t surprise me. The Japanese have a way of occasionally dropping profound truth bombs on their fans.

This is made doubly funny because lots of black people LOVE anime. Go on Youtube and you can find video after video of them watching Anime and commenting on it like they’re at the movie theater, shouting at the screen and jumping up and down and making funny faces.

Back in college, every black guy I knew who wasn’t a thug was into three things: weed, white women and anime.

I mean, take a look at The Boondocks. The creator of the show decided to use anime as a medium to make fun of black people – and he himself was black.

So yeah, as if we didn’t know already – Jap are our uberfriends. And they never surrender.

Apparently, Yaginuma blames the Jewish community for the start of World War II, though at the same time he seems to believe that their persecution did not happen. Netizens in both languages are quick to point out that denying the occurrence of the Holocaust is anti-Semitic, but Yaginuma is vehement, despite being somewhat hard to comprehend, even in Japanese.

Also, few people know that one of the biggest figures on the Alt-Right, Jared Taylor, spent his formative years in Japan.

Clearly, we have the Japanese to thank for making Jared racist. Because I strongly believe that if he hadn’t lived in Japan, he would have ended up a typical soft-spoken race-blind huWASP like all his peers.

But now he’s an anti-darky juggernaut, hell-bent on bringing the samurai spirit to the United States.

God bless the Japs in their weird little island fortress in the Pacific.