“Hookers 4 Hillary” and the Feminist War on Tricks

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 22, 2015

The famed Bunny Ranch, which is the most famous brothel in America for some reason even though the women are all fat, old and/or Black, has come out in support of Hillary Clinton for President.

Not sure I exactly understand this.  Previously, they had supported Ron Paul because he’s a libertarian and wants to deregulize these tricks.  But Hillary is a feminist, and feminists are the ones who put the clamp on dem hoes, because they want to punish men by depriving them of sex.  Technically, I guess it makes sense for these hookers to support a feminist, as she isn’t likely to alter Nevada law, and will keep away competition by keeping street tricking illegal across America.  But then why did they support Ron Paul?

Probably, a guy who runs a whorehouse would only ever endorse any candidate for the reason of publicity for his whorehouse, as “ZOMG this pimp is endorsing a candidate for President” is bound to be a popular news story in sex-obsessed/sex-frustrated America, and approximately six million men no doubt saw this story and were like “oh hell yes I’m going to Reno to get me some fat/old/Black hoes because I just can’t take it anymore.”

Banning Prostitution in a Media-Saturated Sexualized Society

It is very interesting the way feminists have supported the total sexualization of society through the media, while at the same time doing everything in their power to keep men from ever actually having sex.  It is really a nasty form of torture.  There is no time in history where there has been porno everywhere you look, and there is no time in history where men have had less sex.

Here’s the sad fact: feminism could not exist alongside affordable prostitution, as for all of their empowerment doctrine, women still only possess one power, and it is the same power they have always possessed.  They just started using it differently – whereas the male desire for sex was once a means to reel him in to settle down, sign a legal contract and take care of her materially, now it is used as a bizarre and inhuman method of torture, being denied to the vast majority of men while men are being told that if they just act like women, or read some Jew pick-up artist book, they will finally get laid.

Yeah, maybe.  But I doubt it.
Yeah, maybe. But I doubt it.

Then men’s own self-esteem is destroyed because they believe they are not good enough to have their own basic human needs met.  And then other men participate in an endless circle of lies, where they all tell each other their getting laid a lot more than they actually are.  This isn’t helpful, by the way – much better to just call out your friends when they claim they’re getting constantly laid, rather than to tell your own lies about it.  We should all be upfront with each other about what is going on here: these women have refused us our basic needs, refused to engage what is ultimately their prime function (children is their prime function, but sex is how that happens), meeting their own sex needs (which are only about 2% of our own) with Black guys and maybe some model-looking guy on Tinder.

Prostitution screws up this gigantic conspiracy against men.  Because if she is like “yeah, sorry, I have a headache and I have to work tomorrow and I am not in the mood because you don’t get me hot and I think we should just be friends, please tell me about your feelings and do all kinds of things to help me with my own life and goals” then the guy is just like “later bitch, I’ll be down at the brothel if you change your mind.”

So they claim it is oppression of women, because it would take away all of their power, which, again, is based on the sex act.  This is why when women move from Eastern to Western Europe, they become feminists, dating/screwing Blacks while living on the resources of a society built by White men – because it is possible to do so, and this is, for a list of reasons, considered a better position for the women.

So, Anglin – You’re Saying We Should Legalize Hookers?

As far as prostitution goes – I’m not going to say “yeah, we should legalize it,” as it isn’t necessary for me to say that.  However, it is simply a fact that it was legal throughout the entire history of Europe, up until the syphilis issue created complications in the 16th century, at which point it was still mostly legal and just more regulated by the government, requiring hookers to undergo regular medical exams.  I’m not going to place a moral judgement on this, it is just a matter of historical fact that you can draw your own conclusions about.

Brothel scene; Brunswick Monogrammist, 1537; Gemäldegalerie, Berlin
Brothel scene; Brunswick Monogrammist, 1537; Gemäldegalerie, Berlin

Read the very well sourced Wikipedia article on it (I note that it is well-sourced because people will say “oh you believe Jew wikipedia???” when in actual fact most non-political articles on Wikipedia are based entirely on source documentation).

The original social arguments against prostitution (as opposed to moral arguments and health arguments) were formed by the communists of the 19th century, arguing that it prevented the empowerment of women.  In the 20th century, it was banned by feminists – in the US, between the years of 1910 and 1915, hooking was outlawed in nearly every state due to lobbying efforts by the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union.

Besides feminism, the porno-culture we live in is based on the banning of prostitution.  St. Augustine, writing on hooking (De Ordine ii, 4), said “If you do away with harlots, the world will be convulsed with lust.” What’s that? Augustine was right again? He obviously didn’t look at prostitution as “good,” but simply was smart enough to understand that if you banned it, what is happening now would happen: you would have a society which is 100% neurotically fixated on sex. The official position of the church, before communism and feminism, was the same: necessary evil.

So, make of all of this what you will, but the point is: banning prostitution was part of a communist plot to destabilize society, and is not a result of Christian moralizing or any other such thing.

So I doubt Hillary is going to be increasing the rights of prostitutes.  But it does make for a good news blurb.