Horrendous! Glamour Mag’s Wyminnz of the Year Revealed!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 1, 2018

Ugh. Look at the smug fat smirks on their faces.

They’re all so ugly it’s insane.

America doesn’t have a gun problem, America has a fat chick problem.

At least they got that fat Mexican chick at the bottom to shave her pits.

I was half-expecting her to be one of those types. But I guess that’s more of a Jew girl/White girl feminist thing.


Glamour magazine is promoting five high school gun controllers as “Women of the Year” ahead of the November 6 midterm elections.

The women — Samantha Fuentes, Emma González, Naomi Wadler, Edna Chavez, and Jaclyn Corin — were all part of the March for Our Lives gun control movement and Glamour praised them for refusing to “take no for an answer.” 

Yeah, they refused to take America’s collective and emphatic “NO, PLEASE STOP” for an answer and decided to continue beaming their rank fugliness into the eyeballs of the American people.

Idk why they refuse to at least put burkas on when out campaigning for no gunz or whatever.

And I’m not talking about the halfsie thing that the chick above^ is wearing.

I’m talking full-blown burka.

All of America has to suffer through seeing these deformed monstrosities being put on display at the checkout aisle of the supermarket.

And the Fugly Fuggernaut is basically inescapable at this point. Turn on the TV and it’s there. Fire up the social media, and it’s there, and now it’s going to be splayed on the covers of glossy print magazines.

As a result, you must learn to wield snootiness as a shield against the deformed goblina hordes.

You must remind them of their ugliness (both inside and out) every day. You must remind them of their soda can bodies every day. You must remind them that they look like drug-addled bums every single day. 

Cyber-bullying may be the only way to make this new generation of fat chicks get their shit together.