Hot Diggity-Damn, That’s a Funny Headline

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 16, 2018

The quality of the mainstream Jew media is so low, that the idiocy goes far beyond just their lies and attempt to push a goofy kike narrative.

How on earth the headline “Hallucinations After Taking Tamiflu: How Much Is Real Versus Not Real?” made it into Forbes, I have no idea. But it sure is fun.

It was so much fun that I actually went to Forbes to get a screenshot of it for you all.

The author is Asian, so I’m not surprised he missed it, but isn’t there like, an editor who would be like “this is actually not the sort of thing we are trying to communicate here”?

Apparently not.

The editorial standards are extremely low. Every article that was written about the Daily Stormer style guide after I leaked it to the Jews made some kind of comment about how strict my standards are as an editor. Seeing this shock was meta-level LULZ.

The fact of the matter is that only the lowest of the low are willing to be involved in journalism at this point. The entire industry is now made up of failed novelists and screenwriters.

Seriously, look up any of these asshole non-Jew journalists and there’s a 75% chance that they have a website where they are posting bits of their fiction, or trying to promote some shitty novel or screenplay. Most of them have “creative writing” or English literature degrees. They all worship Hunter S. Thompson. They are cliches of dorky try-hardism.

Of course, the Jews themselves tend to be relatively competent, but the Jews themselves cannot fill the entire ranks of every media company. Given the fact that media companies are only one industry controlled by Jews, where they can use their ethnic networks for advancement, higher intelligence Jews would generally rather work in banking, government bureaucracy or the corporate world.

So media is left filling its ranks with the bottom of the barrel.

One thing you will notice is that in media, particularly print journalism, the women actually tend to be better than the men. This is because women do not have innate morality, and simply want to go along with the mainstream, whereas men would be much more likely to be bothered by the concept of lying for a living – especially a living as modest as that of the print journalist.

There are a lot of men on the planet willing to sell their souls for the right price, but that price is generally not a five figure salary which tends to be below the median average income.

This is as much of a reason as any why the mainstream narrative is collapsing – they just don’t have the talent in the industry to formulate plausible narratives in order to support the Jewish agenda.

I’ve been influential enough with my modest operation here to be the first person kicked off the internet in a new censorship program, and I often find myself imagining how I would sell the Jewish narratives of the establishment. I have zero doubt that if I was made the editor-in-chief of a major platform, I could do a helluva lot better than these people are doing, as virtually every move they make is reactionary and does not take into consideration the potential fallout.

The recent embrace of Trump’s “shithole” troll is a perfect example. They blew that up all throughout the media, and now their “poor little helpless children” narrative on DACA is fucked. They are now forced into a discussion about whether or not Haiti is exactly the same as Norway.



They are of course arguing that yes, Haiti and Norway are exactly the same and there is zero difference in the quality of person that resides in these countries.

Which is exactly where we want them to be. We want them to hurt themselves by pushing a narrative that is easy for us to deflect.

They make the same moves in every situation, and it is so, so easy to play them.

With the Alt-Right, they will keep attempting to portray us as evil, obsessing over us, attempting to assassinate the character of individuals involved, without ever addressing what we are saying or even attempting to. As long as we are capable of maintaining a presence online, this strategy is completely unworkable. And that of course is why they tried so very hard to get us offline, but now that has blown up in their faces, to the point where we are getting cited by the FCC and Silicon Valley companies are calling for laws against censorship so that they don’t have to make the decisions about who to censor.

Google is getting sued by James Damore for discrimination against white males and by Andrew Torba for banning the Gab app, Twitter is getting sued by Chuck Johnson.

The media simply does not have a coherent strategy for battling anything. They are still functioning under the presumption that they have total control of information, even while they have not had that since Trump declared his candidacy and the Alt-Right became a part of the national discussion.

We have the truth on our side, and that is incredibly powerful. If they can’t silence that truth, than the obvious thing to do would be to come up with workable counter-narratives beyond “wow just wow i can’t even look how evil these people are for disagreeing with the mainstream.” All that does is feed into the public perception of us as rebels, makes people interested, then they learn the truth. And when they hear the truth, the main thing that converts them is the very fact that the media and larger mainstream establishment doesn’t have any answers about what is going on – and then, the fact that the discredited media attacks us as evil actually serves to lend us credibility.

nb4 “ANGLIN WHY R U GIVING THE GAME AWAY???” – it doesn’t matter.

They cannot help themselves.

Oh, And Also: Alex Jones is Probably Right About Tamiflu

I mainly was just writing a piece here about the lack of standards in the Jew media, but since the article started-out being about a Tamiflu headline, let me just say this: I strongly discourage the use of this drug.

Alex Jones has been on about it for a decade, and although I doubt it is actually the conspiracy he makes it out to be, he has presented a lot of facts demonstrating that it is unsafe and doesn’t even do what it is supposed to do.

In general, pharmaceuticals have little positive effect and tend to be extremely dangerous. If you get the clap, take antibiotics, but otherwise there is very little reason to ever take pills. There are home remedies for all of these ailments that work better than the drugs and which do not have dangerous and potentially very dangerous side-effects.