Hot Nights Fortnite: Spicy-Blooded Italian Arrested for Flaming-Out Annoying 11-Year-Old Online

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 20, 2018

Harsh and unusual punishment. What is going on in America? Have the police nothing better to do with their time?


A 45-year-old Long Island man was arrested for allegedly threatening to shoot an 11-year-old boy after losing to him in the video game “Fortnite.”

Police say the boy received harmful messages from Michael Aliperti via text and Xbox voice messages on Monday night.

Aliperti reportedly told the boy he was going to shoot him at his home and his school.

“For an adult to threaten an 11-year-old kind of gives new definition to sore loser,” said Suffolk County Police Chief Stuart Cameron.

Security was stepped up at the boy’s school, RJO Middle School in Kings Park, on Tuesday as a precaution.

Nigga, wat!?

Who kills someone over a video game??


Aliperti was arrested at his home around 1:40 a.m. He is charged with second-degree aggravated harassment and acting in a manner to injure a child.

A nighttime SWAT raid on a mad Fortnight player?

Truly, we have all lived to see man-made horrors beyond our comprehension.

Eyewitness News spoke with a woman at Aliperti’s house who said she was his sister. She said Aliperti is a father of three who owns a landscaping business, and she tearfully asked for privacy for the family.

Aliperti’s attorney, Andrew Karpf, said he has yet to see the messages Aliperti allegedly sent to the boy. Karpf said Aliperti is under a lot of stress as he’s going through a contentious divorce.

“I’m guessing that this guy got really angry and wasn’t thinking and said these horrible things to this kid,” said tech expert Lance Ulanoff, who says it’s a wakeup call for parents or anyone who plays online games.

Yeah, that’s what any sane person would conclude. But I guess we need a “tech expert” to confirm this.

“You wouldn’t let your child go walking in an unknown neighborhood by themselves, but parents let their kids play video games by themselves all the time,” said Ulanoff. “Meanwhile, they’re interacting with people they have never met.”

As for gamers, he says never give your name or phone number to strangers. Never reveal where you live, not even your town. And parents should monitor their kids’ gaming.

This is a playground, you don’t share anything, just have fun gaming,” said Ulanoff.

That’s a solid new value to impart on your kids. Sharing is NOT caring. 

It is not clear whether Aliperti actually knew the child’s identity or where he went to school. 

Yikes. Looks like it was just a regular Italian on the internet.

And now he is being charged lol.

On a personal note, I may or may not have told someone to “KYS” while browsing the interwebs in my time.

I guess I’ll be expecting a fucking battering ram through my door soon.

And those flimsy see-through American doors that everyone has just won’t hold up for long.

I was thinking of getting something more heavy-duty.

I think it will pay in the long run.

On a side note: the SWPL community has such an ingrained anti-prepper disdain that I think this a significant part of why they refuse to take measures to protect themselves should shit go down.

Get a better door that can actually deter a robber and leave me feeling safe at night? Ew, no. THAT’S what a prepper would do. 

Same for like, having a gun.

I’m a civilized person, I leave my welfare in the state’s hands! 

Stories like this… well, they make me doubt, that’s for sure.

*record scratch*

Yeah, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I got into this situation…