House GOP Threatens Impeachment of Rosenstein If He Refuses to Testify

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 25, 2018

Matt Gaetz is a hero.

We need this guy as Speaker. Or rather Majority Leader… because Jim Jordan is going to be Speaker.

Both are doing exactly what needs to be done – removing the pressure from Trump to fire Rosenstein by taking direct action against him.

Jordan has called on Rosenstein to testify and answer just wtf he was doing when he did all this shady shit.

Gaetz is backing him up, threatening to force a vote on impeachment if Rosenstein refuses to testify, and if he does testify, he won’t be able to lie about what is in the memos of both Andrew McCabe and Lisa Page, because those are eventually going to be released.

He is going to have to say “yes, I suggested recording President Trump secretly” and “yes, I talked about invoking the 25th Amendment to remove him from office.

So forcing him to testify would mean a resignation. The best he can do is say “oh I was just joking,” but no one really thinks that such a joke would be appropriate even if it was a joke, and I doubt anyone actually believes that it was a joke anyway.

As I said last night when the news broke that they had made a “deal” wherein Trump will meet with the Jew on Thursday, this is all a scheme to try and force Trump to either:

  1. Fire him, and face whatever consequences go along with that, or
  2. Not fire him, and look weak af

A move by Congress makes both of those moves unnecessary, as he can just say “we’ll see what he says when he testifies.” And again, if he testifies, he won’t need to be fired, because he will have to resign.

It is all perfect.

Do it, lads.