How are Proud Boys Getting Away with This???

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 2, 2018

I think that if you want to just get free license to beat up SJWs and soyboys, you should just join the Proud Boys.

Put on a flag and a MAGA hat and just show up to crack skulls.

No mass arrests, no problems with the police…it’s like two rival soccer hooligan teams brawling. I think they’ve got some former prisoners in their ranks and obviously, some bikers…clearly some people that are into this thing because they love the brawl.

Antifa should stick to picking fights with trash cans.

They’re no match for the Based Boys.

Who knew that letting in a few token blacks and mexicans was all it took to get the police off your back?

They just stand there…

I’m not even knocking it. This seems to be a solid strategy.

Not sure what it achieves politically, but I don’t think that we have to be too big brained about this. The police pulled out and the Proud Boys or whoever these guys are moved in.

I like where it’s all headed.