How Do the Chinese View Donald Trump?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 25, 2018

Even after all of the trade issues, Chinese maintain an extremely positive view of Donald Trump, as this video accurately portraying his policies shows.

The video was created by the government of China to teach children about America.

There has been a lot of talk lately about how if we lose America and Europe to the Jews and their hordes of brown savages, the Chinese Insectoid Master Race might come in and liberate us by exterminating all nonwhites.

They wouldn’t exterminate us, because they are well-aware that we are useful at creating things.

We would of course then become the servants of the Chinese, indebted as we would be to them for committing the genocides that Americans don’t want to commit.

But surely, being ruled over by the Chinese wouldn’t be the worst thing that could happen.

I’m having a hard time even thinking about what would be bad about it.

We could certainly put an end to this sort of thing here:

And the Chinese wouldn’t be all up in our business. They’d just give us semi-autonomy as a vassal of the Chinese global empire.

If we were beating and raping women, locking them in basements and forcing them to produce children, the chinks would be like:

And you might not even need to lock these bitches up anymore. You could just be like “nope, no niggers to fuck out there, you dumb bitch, you can go look but the gooks already wiped em all out.”

And you really wouldn’t even need to beat them – other than for personal satisfaction – because you could just threaten to shut off their food and shelter privileges.

They can go try that “just as strong as men” shit in the woods for a couple hours and then I think they won’t be trying it ever again.

Your new Chinese overlords don’t care what you do.

When the emperor’s regional governor shows up to hear your report on your city’s latest developments in the field of shit-tier pay-to-win MMORPGs that you offer as tribute to the Emperor, and at the end of the report you’re like “and also, I suppose you should know that we legalized child marriage, threw all of the homosexuals off of rooftops and auctioned off all of the thots on instagram to NEETs who paid for them with WoW gold,” that Chinaman is going to be like:

As long as you honor the great panda emperor by singing a song for him once a day, and don’t act like a bunch of niggers, you can do whatever.

The taxes will be a lot lower than what we’re paying now.

The more I think about it, the more difficulty I have poking any holes in White Chinese Vassal-Nationalism.

A few more points:


  1. White people clearly do not have the balls to commit all of these genocides, the Chinese will do it as a matter of course without even blinking. They would probably use race-specific viruses.
  2. Chinese men have no interest in white women and vice versa, and white men won’t be thinking about Asian women after the Chinese overlords allow us to end feminism with swift, gross brutality. This means the security of the white race, forever.
  3. The Chinese would pour unlimited resources into our space conquest programs.
  4. The Chinese would fund genetic research to bring back dinosaurs and build Jurassic Park.


  1. Nothing.

Right now, White Chinese Vassal-Nationalism is basically the worst case scenario. There is no way in hell the Chinese are going to bend down to the Jews. These are a people who round-up millions of Moslems and put them in reeducation camps without even feeling like they have to explain it to anyone.

This “please goyim, I’m a tired wanderer and people were abusing me in another country for literally no reason, please let me control your financial system” bit is not going to work on the gooks.