How Do White People Tolerate This?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 14, 2018

How do White people tolerate this?

I mean, it’s absolutely endless. 

Every day, the Race War section of the Stormer site is absolutely filled to the brim with stories about niggers preying on Whites.

It’s non-stop. It’s never-ending. It’s relentless.

This one’s actually pretty funny for some reason.

Fox News:

The women beat and punched the waitress and stabbed her in the forearm with a steak knife, McDonough police Maj. Kyle Helgerson told They allegedly took her tip money before they skipped out on a $62.57 bill.

During the assault, the victim was stabbed once by one suspect and punched several times by all four suspects.

The suspects fled in a white Infiniti SUV after robbing the victim of her tab and tip money, and causing damage to the property.

The women beat and punched the waitress and stabbed her in the forearm with a steak knife, McDonough police Maj. Kyle Helgerson told They allegedly took her tip money before they skipped out on a $62.57 bill. 


When is something going to be done about these animals?

No seriously, I don’t see the situation improving. They are out of control, absolutely out of control. They make life unbearable. And everyone knows this. The nigger tax is becoming so costly, and the numbers just keep adding up.

Ever listen to Colin Flaherty’s stuff?

It’s mind-boggling. Absolutely mind-boggling. And people tolerate it.

That’s what I can’t believe. And more and more, I think that alerting people to the reality of the situation just isn’t enough. They’ll keep on tolerating it for a while yet. Until the law changes or a genuinely race-aware White guy becomes president, I don’t see this ever changing.

And that bothers me.

Maybe I’m just a sensitive guy, but I really get worked up at the idea of injustice. The idea that people tolerate things that are unjust always rankles me. I don’t have respect for these kinds of people. And worse, I used to have this trait where I would actually call people out on their hypocrisy, their laziness, and their cowardice from time to time. It got me into a lot of trouble when I was young and edgy, this belief that there was such a thing as Justice.

See, a lot of people worship authority figures, laws and social norms, but for me, it was always this self-generated sense of Justice and righteous nigger-hate that seemed to compel me to open my mouth when I should have just hunched over my shoulders, looked at my phone and bug-splained away what my lying eyes were seeing unfold right in front of me.

It’s like, a lot of people have to force themselves to say the truth or to do what is just. With me, it was the opposite, I would have to grind my teeth and force myself not to speak up.

To this day, I struggle to empathize with and understand how people can tolerate such rank injustice. More and more, I realize that most people simply do not have that internal compass and aren’t motivated by concepts like Justice or Truth or anything that isn’t directly related to raising their social status and rank in the pecking order.

Do facts and evidence and steak knives to the forearm really do anything to convince these types?

I seriously doubt it.

To really affect societal change, you need a convergence of factors. Yes, to a certain extent, you need the environment to start red-pilling people, for people to get “red-pilled by reality.”

But also, increasingly, I think the situation is such that you need to develop a new man from the ground up.

We will call him The Stormer Man. And there will be two tiers. The officer-tier and then the regular tier. But more on that later.

In general, The Stormer Man will be modeled on several character models: the first, already hinted at, will be Judge Dredd.

Because most people are simply incapable of generating their own values, seem genuinely unable to develop value systems that are beneficial to themselves and society, they will have to be totally re-forged.

A value system and law code will have to be drilled into their heads from childhood. The whole Boomer-style, “do what you want, kids, just remember to have fun” mentality will be destroyed at the root.

Instead, people will be taught little phrases like  “tolerance is slavery,” and choice phrases from Skyrim.

This is all to say that we’ve been taught from early ages to “go along to get along.” This mentality is somewhat necessary to have a functioning society with people not chimping out at each other.

But it goes too far, I ask you, how much longer are people supposed to just smile and keep on chugging along?

There should be a new book added to the Bible and it would read something like this: “there is a time to chillout and there’s also a time to chimpout.” #WokeTakes: 14:88

More than anything though, we need to get this idea that tolerance is a good value, a virtue even, out of people’s heads. It’s a good value for a wife who married a bad boy out of love and must now tolerate his drunken beatings. That’s about the only context I can think of where tolerance seems like a good idea.

White people need to be retaught many things. How to be a tribe for one. How to select good leaders for another. And how to be intolerant most pressingly of all.