How Long Before Trump Meetings are Compared to Nuremberg Rallies?

Patrick Cleburne
August 21, 2015


A startling thing has happened to Donald Trump’s rally in Mobile Alabama, scheduled for Friday evening.

City officials have confirmed to News 5 the location for Donald Trump’s pep rally in Mobile on Friday night has been moved to Ladd-Peebles Stadium…

“It’s due to an overwhelming response,” said Kayla Farnon, spokeswoman for the Alabama Secretary of State’s Office. “More than 30,000 people have been confirmed to attend.

…As we had previously reported, Trump’s town hall rally in Mobile was originally planned to be held in the theater at the Mobile Civic Center, which seats less than two-thousand people.

Trump Rally Moved to Ladd-Peebles Stadium, Tens of Thousands Expected By J.B. Biunno and Ashley Knight and Emily DeVoe August 19 2015

Trump’s rally in New Hampshire last night startled the Real Clear Politics observer

“I don’t see how he’s electable. Bush is a low-energy person,” he said. “It’s hard for him to get things done.”

…“The reason I talk about Jeb is because he was supposed to do well in New Hampshire, but he’s going down like a rock,” Trump said during his town-hall to cheers from a crowd that was more rowdy and generous with applause for the host — and with boos for his rivals — than those at most political events.

(My emphasis) Trump Mania Eclipses Bush at Twin N.H. Town-Halls by Caitlin Huey-Burns August 20, 2015

Time reported something similar from last weekend’s Iowa State Fair

The state trooper in charge of the event told the governor that in all his years working the fair, he had never seen a candidate mobbed like Trump.

The Donald Has Landed Michael Scherer August 20 2015

Peter Brimelow predicted in The Trump Wrecking Ball, The Washington Cartel, And The Jews that notwithstanding Trump’s careful conventionality on Israel, the fanatical open-borders ideology pervading the bulk of this powerful community will eventually cause them to become as hostile to him as they were to Pat Buchanan.

I think we may not have to wait so long. A couple more events like Mobile looks like being and we are going to be deluged with Nuremberg rally comparisons. No one who can stir up the Serfs like this is going to be trusted.


  1. Comparing Trump to Hitler is ridiculous. Just another Trump hater and jew puppet no doubt. Why don’t you get your head out of your ass for once and write something nice adbout Donald. He CAN AND WILL BRING THIS SORRY ASS COUNTY BACK TO ITS FORMER GLORY WITH JOBS FOR EVERYONE. Hitler wanted to rule the world. Donald just wants to IMPROVE the USA. Let me guess Patrick, you don’t want to improve the USA but keep it jew run and dominated.?

  2. The Don is running a full on bitchocaust. Megan Kelley, Rosie O’Donut, Heidi Mudshark Klum, Anderson loose pooper, and now this little bitch:

  3. I’d say another 6 months and this thing will be at full capacity. There’s no way that Trump cannot get the nomination, it would be political suicide if the GOP didn’t use Trump. If he doesn’t get it, then the Democrat will win by default because the other lame ass GOP candidates are too weak to challenge even a town mayor for an election.

  4. Watching the Mobile, Alabama rally live…a man yelled “white power!” and it was picked up quite well by the microphones. Not to mention, news articles are starting to pop up all over with themes like this- “Donald Trump: Brothers who beat and urinated on Latino man ‘want this country to be great again’…

  5. They most certainly will compare them to the Nuremberg rallies. But, I doubt Trump goes too far off the Goy Reservation, after all, he’s still an electable candidate.

  6. Our star is rising. Hail the coming dawn.

  7. How long before Trump meetings are compared to Nuremberg rallies?
    Probably 5 minutes ago. Anything to take him down and preserve the precious and diseased status quo.

  8. BobWhitakerisokay

    Storm Fronters may finally get their torch light parade, LOL.

  9. Apparently, according to Yahoo, who never lies, Trump is encouraging his supporters to assault and rob Mexicans, so as of now, I’m not supporting him any more.
    Also, 76% of Repukes oppose him. As the field thins out, Yeb Boosh will pick up suppport, whereas all the people who will support T are already supporting him. We have seen the high-water mark of his campaign, IMHO.
    Hope I’m wrong.

  10. Its almost a given that Trump will win at this point. Its about time we had a strong Aryan in power, too. I’m fed up with these lowly niggers that the jews have installed in power. my negro fatigue meter is off the charts right now.

    • Let me tell you how “democracy” works – the jew selects both candidates, and the people elect one of them. The jew wins.

      • Hitler was elected through democracy.

        • back then there was no mass-media to fool people, the people themselves were not the dumbed-down idiots they are today, there was no anti-nationalist legislation, no anti-gun laws, no anti-free speech laws, no mass infestation of the public sector at all levels with members of jew-led secret societies, etc. This is not 1935, when the jew could corrupt the main parties but could not stop a new party from being formed. THis is 2015, when the jew controls everything.

          • You’re right; we should just lie down and die.

          • search for “how to start a state coup. Part1” on youtube

          • Haha.

          • Except the will of the people. This article clearly shows that. If the millions do follow Trump, if the Christ-killers dare raise up a voice in opposition to us, we can beat them down… all the way to the ocean’s shore. (An allusion to how their accursed Talmud considers all whites as “Amalek”… and what the Juden would do to us, if only they were real men…NOT!)

          • “if the Christ-killers dare raise up a voice in opposition to us, we can beat them down… all the way to the ocean’s shore” – awesome. Someone should have told this to the tens of millions of eastern europeans sent to the gulags by the jews…

          • Actually, Solzhenitsyn did write about that. And, had more of the Russian citizenry known who was behind the pogroms against the White, Orthodox Russians in 1917-1924, they might have. But the Slav soul has a ‘suffering’ aspect to it, that played into that mindset. That they ‘deserved’ the evils of 100,000,000 million dead at the hands of a Jewish ideology (Marxism). I don’t understand it. I’m a Celt. But there you are…

          • LOL :))) This is how it actually happened and how it will happen here : the jewish NKVD agent showed up at the peasant’s door, pointed a gun at him and told him to get into a truck. Those who refused died. Watch Romanian survivors of the gulags speak about it (from 51:05) –


          • And you can laugh at that? Misericordie, Domine.

          • Jews had total control of all mainstreammedia organs until the National Socialist took power, it was no different than today. And regardless of this point, Hitler was still elected via Democracy.

          • that “media” cannot be compared to the monstrous brainwashing aparatus we have today..

          • It was deemed important enough for Dr Joe to make destroying the Jews control over the press his number 1 priority when taking power . So all things being relative, I would argue that it is comparable. This has nothing to do with Hitler being democratically elected though.

      • that is generally true, but Hitler was elected as well.

      • The people select/elect none of them. The JEWS pick just who they want….voting is pointless as it has been rigged for how many elections. They only give us the illusion that we pick the winner. The winner is announced even before the ballots are counted. Duh!!!!

    • Colonel Gunter Brumm

      “Its almost a given” I still cant believe it.

    • Cool avatar; do the runes say anything?

      • its just the old futhark alphabet, doesn’t really say much. the norse believed that the runes in and of themselves were magic and provided protection against evil.

        • The futhark as it stands says quite a lot if you know the rune poems and meanings associated with it. Each letter has it’s own meaning and can be applied in several ways. The meanings are derived from the individual definition of each one, the rune poems, and the kennings and how they are used in the myths. Basically you have very general meanings and then more complex associations as you dig. There is also the creation account which is hinted at in the standard futhark order in the first aetts (the first eight), and then you move into the creation of man and his relationship to nature as well as the cycles in the two second aetts. It requires some homework but is well worth the effort. As to the runes and protection against evil, certain individual ones were used that way, but more often it was combinations (bind runes) and symbols created specifically to represent that purpose, such as the Aegishjalmer. The magical practices and beliefs varied widely, from simple peasant love charms or curses, to extremely intricate ideas involving imprinting the will on the world (Galdr), shamanic practices (seidr), bringing the divine down into a sacred space (theurgy) and transformation through the sacrifice of the self to the higher, true or divine self (gnosticism/death/resurrection.)

          • Holy shit. Thanks for the primer.

          • Ha! Yeah, been studying them for about a year and a half and it seems like there is always more to learn. Really started looking at them in a Jungian sense as a spiritual heritage and genetic archetype, and it has grown from there. They can also teach you a lot about yourself. I really think the whole system of divining is really just that any runes that come up can help you learn about yourself or any situation, as oppesed to a more superstitious, “They were ordained to come up for you” kind of thing. I figure the environment helped shape who we would be genetically and the religious symbols, myths and values resonate with me more than others, though I have a great respect for Orthodox Christianity.

    • You are drunk goy, you don’t even know the meaning of Aryan.

  11. I agree – it is coming. There is no way the Jews can sit back and allow this without a fight. The people of Alabama are supposed to be demoralized and helpless – not coming out energized to the tune of 40,000 people.

    Interesting times are coming in the next few months.

    • The kikes will start a war with Russia to remedy this populist uprising. Start waving the flag and preaching unity against “our common enemy”. Declare that we must all put our differences aside and pull together, otherwise you’re “unpatriotic” etc…

  12. We will take our country back.

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