How Stupid are Journalists?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 19, 2018

So you don’t really have to be a Trump Studies Visiting Professor at Trump University to grasp that Trump’s comments at the Montana rally last night praising Congressman Greg Gianforte (@kikeslammer88) for bodyslamming a Jewish journalist were bait.

This is what he does. He forces media narrative shifts by making seemingly outrageous statements – which are interpreted by normal people as jokes – and knowing that the media’s response to him will vindicate whatever it is he said.

He’s been doing this for over three years, but they just keep gobbling up the bait.

I think this “Trump approves of attacks on journalists” thing is going to run for a long time. Much longer than a normal news cycle. These people have doubled down, tripled down, quadrupled down on outrage mongering, and that’s all they can do now. They are not capable of self-reflection, not capable of asking themselves if responding to a joke with humorless, bitter rage is something that appeals to anyone other than used up old childless women and high-functioning mulattoes with 95 IQs who want to appear as though they have 115 IQs.

The incompetence and thoughtlessness is just astonishing.

Someone has to be thinking:

But I guess if some minority is thinking that, they can’t say it because of the NPC meme. They would get mobbed for disagreeing with the consensus that outrage is always good and that everyone loves it when they, without any hint of self-awareness, completely lose their minds over bad orange man’s jokes.