How Stupid Does Vox News Think We Are?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 8, 2018

The French Yellow Vests said straight up that the protests were over the global warming tax on the poor. And every single media outlet was reporting that this is why they were rioting.

But Vox Jews be like “BLORPF!”

That’s the headline on Google News*, they changed it because it was so retarded.

Yes, Trump is against taxing first world countries to bribe third world countries into not creating too much of the bad gas.

But calling that an “agenda” is bizarre. These are objectively the biggest riots Paris has seen at least since the sixties. And they are rioting because Macron wanted to show the world how great of a progressive leader he is by forcing a global warming tax on the French.

So Trump was exactly correct. Precisely accurate.

The media is completely deranged.

“Trump was right. Now, he’s trying to say that he was right. Here’s why he’s evil.”

*Google News will save a headline and cache it statically, so if a website changes a headline after publication, the original will show on Google News indefinitely.