How Women Destroy Civilizations

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 29, 2016

After releasing the video “Why Women Destroy Civilizations,” Black Pigeon suffered a sustained attack from whiny women and beta cucks. This video is both a response to these whiners and an elaboration on the issue.

BP uses data from the recent election in Austria to show that it is a confirmed fact that women do destroy civilizations if you allow them to participate in the political process.

Of course, it isn’t actually women who are at fault here, but the men who gave them the “right” to vote. Women are in some ways suffering more than men from this invasion that they’ve demanded. If we just take total numbers of rapes and murders, they’re definitely suffering more. At the same time however, they’re also getting more joy out of the invasion, having sex with the immigrants and feeling good about themselves for pandering to them.

As far as the “men do it too” argument, BP points out that the reason these men do it is because they were raised by women and have adopted feminine values – they want to nurture people they view as helpless. Feminism is of course responsible for this as well.

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